Seems like December will be a good time to get my iPad mini 6. September 30, 2021
I need to staple Nicholas Bate’s Writing Primer 14 to my forehead. August 30, 2021
Subscribed for a year of Simplify Gmail by Michael Leggett — absolutely worth it just for allowing me to use ESC to drill out of messages. August 24, 2021
On a similar note, Ted Lasso’s S02 Christmas episode could be prescription medicine whenever you’re feeling shitty. August 15, 2021
Really liked CODA. August 15, 2021
You can temporarily highlight the current row (without changing the selection) by pressing Shift+Space. August 10, 2021
2021-08-01 August 1, 2021
Replaced SelfControl with Freedom to help me with better deep work sessions. July 29, 2021
The worst part of my job involves dealing with Excel as the last mile of data manipulation — instead of the many (comparatively) elegant sources for the data. July 29, 2021
2021-07-26 July 26, 2021
You could argue “it’s not the right time” given the pandemic and extreme weather of almost any activity: making a movie that inspires, going to the olympics to break a world record or fighting a dictatorship. July 20, 2021
I applaud any team that manages to propel humans to space the same way others celebrate a team hitting a ball into a net. Both are equally driven by passion and capitalist gains. July 20, 2021
Almost ordered a new iMac after playing with it on a store. The screen is beautiful and the design has grown on me. Glad this US trip is almost over, will make it easier to wait for whatever iMac Pro(ish) is coming. July 18, 2021
2021-07-01 July 1, 2021
Pledged for The Slow System by Craighton Berman. June 25, 2021
James Hoffmann’s book World Atlas Of Coffee is now on Audible. June 24, 2021
2021-06-24-10-27-40 June 24, 2021
The KEY Coffee Grinder is beautiful. June 22, 2021
Foo Fighters invites Dave Chappelle to sing Radiohead’s Creep on the reopening of Madison Square Garden yesterday. June 21, 2021
Absolutely loved Pixar’s Luca movie. June 18, 2021
2021-06-17 June 17, 2021
The Dataview plugin snippet showcase in the Obsidian Forums is a great place to get ideas and level up your queries. June 1, 2021
The new(est) Firefox looks very nice. June 1, 2021
Oh boy, the KEY Grinder is beautiful, and crazy expensive. May 30, 2021
2021-05-29 May 29, 2021
Arcadia was my hard landing back into comics this weekend. May 23, 2021
Excellent philosophical video on What is Obsidian. May 17, 2021
Dialed in my dark coffee grind this weekend. May 10, 2021
2021-04-29 April 29, 2021
Really enjoying Liftoff by Eric Berger about SpaceX early days. April 29, 2021
Do you wish to die wise or intelligent? April 23, 2021
2021-04-23 April 23, 2021
They new iMac can also come as a VESA Mount. April 20, 2021
The LOVE DEATH + ROBOTS VOLUME 2 Trailer is worth seeing. April 19, 2021
I wish something like stackline was native on macOS. April 12, 2021
2021-04-10 April 10, 2021
Playing with Cloudflare Pages. April 5, 2021
Instant subscribe to the Atlas Obscura Podcast. March 24, 2021
Really looking to playing Townscaper this summer. March 23, 2021
In Flights March 12, 2021
vaccine March 6, 2021
Doing some thinking around Gary Vaynerchuk’s Document, Don’t Create. March 6, 2021
First shave with the Twig Razor was amazingly smooth. February 26, 2021
Nasa’s official Perseverance Rover’s Descent and Touchdown on Mars landing video is just too amazing. February 22, 2021
Rewatched The Emperor’s New Groove with Ana and kids. February 20, 2021
This engadget article on Finder filename sorting is useful to keep around when I’m getting creative with my project naming. February 6, 2021
Watching LEGO Star Wars: The Yoda Chronicles with Robie. January 25, 2021
Absolutely love Amazon’s new app icon. January 25, 2021
This is going to confuse a whole generation. January 25, 2021
The Speed Cubers is excellent. January 24, 2021
This Kettlebell Christmas Commercial really hits the spot — specially since I’ve started doing T-Handle Kettlebell again this year. January 21, 2021
Nice summary video of 10 Aeropress recipes. January 19, 2021
Really enjoyed Palm Springs take on Groundhog Day. January 17, 2021
This AeroPress recipe will increase steep time to 90s as a result of the experiment January 16, 2021
2021-01-16 January 16, 2021
Started using macOS dictation, and it felt good. January 13, 2021
I revisit Kenji López-Alt onion slide and dice video once a week it seems. January 10, 2021
2021-01-09 January 9, 2021
Cutting back on Dr. January 6, 2021
Soul’s soundtrack is lock and loaded for the work week. January 3, 2021
Rewatched Thor Ragnarok last night, and it’s still my favorite MCU movie. January 3, 2021
Wonder Woman 1984 really fell flat the last 1/3 for me. January 1, 2021
(1) January 1, 2021
2021-01-01 January 1, 2021
Watched Scott Pilgrim yet again, it really is one of my favorite movies. December 30, 2020
I’m back to playing with Reporter for logging/nudging myself to 2021 resolutions. December 27, 2020
Really enjoying the California Coast Obsidian Theme. December 27, 2020
I’m happy no appreciating Hi Fi audio. December 8, 2020
This unofficial Sublime Text 4 changelog gist is useful to keep an eye out for what’s happening on SB4 beta land. November 30, 2020
Couldn’t unlock my Mac with the Apple Watch since WatchOS 7, this Apple Support suggestion fixed it. November 17, 2020
Big Sur update went smoothly — other than kernelmanagerd process going crazy and staying at 80% of processor use. November 14, 2020
This story about AI camera getting confused with the side ref’s bald head is too funny. November 3, 2020
Hurricane Eta is hitting up north in Honduras/Nicaragua. November 3, 2020
📚 Prediction Machines added to library. November 3, 2020
2020-10-28-13-52-00 October 28, 2020
I’ve always wanted to love Clips, but somehow its cute features always gets in the way. October 28, 2020
I’m even more excited about Apple Silicon‌ Mac’s, and they seem to be coming. October 28, 2020
Had to reinstall Zoom on work Mac. October 28, 2020
The Cometeer coffee capsules look like an interesting mix of ideas. October 27, 2020
I’m going down the eGPU rabbit hole… again. October 25, 2020
I’ve said it before, but it’s worth repeating: one of the toughest challenges every parent faces is cleaning a toddler car seat. October 18, 2020
After 225 days, we’re back home in Costa Rica. October 17, 2020
Everyone is horrified. September 24, 2020
Vitamin D Day September 19, 2020
Happy birthday to my forever princess. September 12, 2020
Enjoying a lower temperature (185°F) variation of this recipe from /r/AeroPress/ September 11, 2020
🎥 Dune Official Trailer. September 9, 2020
💾 Happy that Mimestream is getting some love in HN, it’s amazingly fast. September 9, 2020
The lack of any mention of today’s Apple rumors from the usual suspects tells me there’s some sort of embargo going on. September 8, 2020
💾 Is It Snappy? September 7, 2020
🎙My Dad reminded me of this great Moth’s story A. September 6, 2020
📚 Really enjoyed How Innovation Works: Serendipity, Energy and the Saving of Time by Matt Ridley. September 6, 2020
Title: Sand and waves Saturday September 5, 2020
Aeropress Coffee 3 Blacks Coffee September 5, 2020
Compliant September 4, 2020
Learned today that my End of Month Developers/PMs report by projects — based on Github issues so they don’t have to fill daily hours worksheets — is only used as guidance internally. September 3, 2020
This Superorganizer interview with Head of Growth at Superhuman was great. September 2, 2020
Of course LaunchBar 6. September 1, 2020
After almost exactly a year, switching back from Launchbar to Alfred. August 31, 2020
First supermarket visit in 6 months 😷 August 30, 2020
Morning Sunday. August 30, 2020
Supported Obsidian development. August 30, 2020
1119 August 15, 2020
🎥 Enjoyed Greyhound. July 11, 2020
1456 July 3, 2020
2052 June 24, 2020
Between Star Wars Squadrons and Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020, I may need to buy an Xbox. June 15, 2020
2018 June 13, 2020
1050 May 30, 2020
2004 May 23, 2020
Community Table Read I enjoy this show so much. May 19, 2020
1631 May 16, 2020
Comedy is a distortion of what is happening, and there will always be something happening. May 9, 2020
📺 Enjoyed the first episode of Trying. May 9, 2020
GitHub Codespaces looks amazing. May 6, 2020
Switching to YY. May 4, 2020
I don’t know why the ThinkPad TrackPoint Keyboard II intrigues me so much. May 3, 2020
Radiohead - Live in Buenos Aires (March 2009) is the best one posted up till now. April 24, 2020
2337 April 23, 2020
0027 April 15, 2020
2006 April 10, 2020
macOS Password Generator in BASH has saved me a few seconds a day the past few days. March 30, 2020
Nine Inch Nails new album will probably become my WFH soundtrack. March 26, 2020
🎥 Loved the Knives Out movie. March 18, 2020
Coldplay Tiny Desk Concert is just too good. March 17, 2020
Went to fill up tank and buy some pharmacy stuff next to the old office. March 14, 2020
The Natalia Lafourcade Tiny Desk Concert is Robie’s new soundtrack on our school commute: February 29, 2020
Flatbread/Arepa was added to Emoji 13. January 29, 2020
🎙 Enjoyed Guy Kawasaki’s interview of Stephen Wolfram on his podcast. January 24, 2020
Robie’s officially started his Skywalker saga movie canon with Star Wars Episode I — The Phantom Menace. January 18, 2020
📺 Started Schitt’s Creek with Ana. January 12, 2020
Happy new year. January 1, 2020
1838 December 29, 2019
Speaking of gifts, here’s what Ana and Santa got me for Xmas: December 26, 2019
Brent DiCrescenzo’s original Kid A review on pitchfork. December 24, 2019
2221 December 22, 2019
2126 December 21, 2019
I’m speaking on marvelous accent without the slightest english. December 18, 2019
🎥 Once Upon a Time in Hollywood was not what I expected it, but I enjoyed it a lot. December 15, 2019
1401 December 15, 2019
Thought I’d have to save for a year go get a Niche Zero grinder, but seems I’d only need half one to get Fellow’s upcoming Ode Brew. December 12, 2019
Family arrives to Costa Rica on Friday. December 8, 2019
Yet another reason to visit Disney again and again. December 7, 2019
0916 December 7, 2019
We might need to go back to Disney World sooner than expected. December 6, 2019
1531 December 1, 2019
📺 Started Watchmen. November 28, 2019
0829 November 27, 2019
Kenji’s exercise and portion control result are a good reminder to reinvent your lifehacks. November 23, 2019
Yes, Shakira’s latest concert is my playlist today. November 21, 2019
1900 November 19, 2019
Palmpress looks interesting — and I just found out Jessica Do Tully was on the same Babson accelerator group with my wife. November 16, 2019
1200 November 16, 2019
Loved The Mandalorian Chapter One. November 15, 2019
Dammit Land Rover, why must I love you so?. November 13, 2019
Looks like SteepShot finally got a production sample. November 12, 2019
And it works!!!. November 11, 2019
Aeropress Go First Look coffeegeek. October 31, 2019
Gillette is making a Heritage-Inspired Double Edge Safety Razor just for selling on Amazon. October 25, 2019
1106 October 25, 2019
1909 October 24, 2019
Good Context on Chile’s Riots October 22, 2019
Star Wars 9 poster October 21, 2019
Venezuela’s Water System is Collapsing October 21, 2019
A History of Pizza October 19, 2019
Caracas Country Club — Where the 0. October 17, 2019
DraftsExport-2019-10-09-21-38 October 9, 2019
Didn’t know about the Freddo Espresso or Freddo Cappuccino. October 8, 2019
Really had a laugh with this. September 28, 2019
Christian had the great idea to write our tech stack in the Slack profile. September 27, 2019
The latest For All Mankind trailer is really good. September 26, 2019
AeroPress Go is out. September 20, 2019
2019-09-20 September 20, 2019
The Descript Podcast Studio & Overdub video is all kinds of amazing. September 18, 2019
Casper has created CBD gummies. September 17, 2019
Seems the AeroPress Go has been pushed to October. September 15, 2019
2019-09-15 September 15, 2019
At $199. September 14, 2019
On Friday’s mind sweep is when I miss Google Inbox the most. September 13, 2019
2019-09-11 September 11, 2019
2019-09-10 2 September 10, 2019
2019-09-10 September 10, 2019
2019-09-08 September 8, 2019
Hagrid’s Magical Creatures Motorbike Adventure is by far the best roller coaster I’ve ridden. September 7, 2019
2019-09-02 September 2, 2019
2019-08-31 August 31, 2019
2019-08-29 August 29, 2019
I’m reverse engineering our business units chart based on people’s email signatures. August 28, 2019
My procrastinating works in weird ways. August 27, 2019
Switching my weekly tidbits posts to a Scripting News linkblog format for a while. August 26, 2019
2019-8-24 August 23, 2019
2019-08-23 August 23, 2019
My princess. August 23, 2019
Brent Simmons, on micro. August 22, 2019
Listen Up: Why We Can’t Enough of Audiobooks August 22, 2019
Well, first Apple Card attempt didn’t go as planned → August 21, 2019
How do you fit two adults and two kids, all with a minor cold, in a queen bed? August 20, 2019
Robie’s first day in big boy school. August 19, 2019
Testing YAWN (yet another workflow nugget). August 18, 2019
Now testing the grouped posts script. August 17, 2019
📺 S01 of The Boys done, can’t wait for S02. August 15, 2019
First post using a github issue comment webhook as source. August 14, 2019
Nice media weekend ↷ August 12, 2019
Reached a new weight high (79. August 5, 2019
Having some problems with new lines on the new workflow. July 26, 2019
✈️ 4 hour delay, but on our way. July 20, 2019
📻 Sting And Shaggy is probably the best NPR Music Tiny Desk Concert of them all. July 17, 2019
Note to self, A and CNAME records don’t include the domain name. July 12, 2019
13-Year-Old Scientist’s Research Shows Hand Dryers Can Hurt Kids’ Ears July 10, 2019
This New York-style pizza recipe might get me to start using my baking steel again. July 7, 2019
📺 Not crazy about Star Trek Discovery season 2. July 7, 2019
Short-Fi June 30, 2019
I’m going to deep dive into mind mapping next. June 30, 2019
Arrived to the office blasting Eight Days a Week and remembering all my Oslo friends. June 28, 2019
Strong earthquake in Panama/Costa Rica border, but felt it very clearly in San Jose. June 26, 2019
📺 On Good Omens, a TV show that makes me want to read the book. June 24, 2019
ANIMA with Radiohead’s Thom Yorke sounds like fun. June 20, 2019
If you can’t define the task, maybe you aren’t ready to start it. June 13, 2019
Funny that Google confirmed the Pixel 4 leak. June 12, 2019
📺 Just started Chernobyl and it’s hitting me hard. June 12, 2019
Two coffee’s too many today. May 22, 2019
Back on LaunchBar for a while — its clipboard issues appear to have been fixed. May 21, 2019
🎥 The Apollo 11 documentary is the first time in 5 years I’d wanted to upgrade my 720p TV. May 20, 2019
Ass, meet chair May 19, 2019
Just wasted some fun minutes on the Honest Coffee Guide website. May 16, 2019
A cup of Joe and you’re good to go (Under 6 a day and you’re A-OK) May 14, 2019
47777080812 May 11, 2019
A brilliantly funny Apple privacy ad. May 10, 2019
90% of the workday covered and on track to finish 40% of the tasks I had planned for the day. May 6, 2019
As if on cue, all my wyze cameras on the newest firmware won’t connect anymore. May 5, 2019
47714118152 May 3, 2019
Explaining to Robie the connection Palpatine has with the Skywalkers, I realize how much of a Mexican novela Star Wars is when told poorly. April 28, 2019
Land Serwis builds new Land Rover Series I April 25, 2019
40717290833 April 23, 2019
This Device Free Dinner video by Sesame Street is good advise for everyone. April 23, 2019
Had to switch to Brave for work browser, since Opera appears to be using a new window UI setup which doesn’t work with my snapping windows app. April 22, 2019
Co-Working Spacing on Dying Malls April 18, 2019
32682179717 April 16, 2019
Tried a Dunkin cappuccino this morning and it was not… terrible. April 15, 2019
Watched Star Wars Episode IX Teaser. April 12, 2019
32652021917 April 12, 2019
33708628478 April 11, 2019
There’s no one thing April 10, 2019
32631601177 April 8, 2019
🍿 How to Talk to Girls at Parties is clearly from the Neil Gaiman universe, but at times it doesn’t click. April 6, 2019
Another not quite Aeropress coffee thingy, the Twist Press. April 5, 2019
Taking a break from, but doubling down on microblogging. April 4, 2019
The Heart of a Swimmer vs. the Heart of a Runner April 4, 2019
Leaning to not upgrading my AirPods yet. April 1, 2019
Happily surprised by LEGO Movie 2. April 1, 2019
March 31, 2019 at 01:42AM March 31, 2019
Recommending a podcast between different player apps is an unnecessary frustrating experience nowadays. March 30, 2019
Friday morning swim. March 29, 2019
American Airlines suspends service to Venezuela. March 29, 2019
Broke 1000mts in swim. March 26, 2019
A fun video on the basics of coffee. March 25, 2019
March 25, 2019 at 03:21PM March 25, 2019
The Into the Spider-Verse Animator Commentary is something I plan to have a romantic date to in 2019. March 25, 2019
I’m going to take CheapAir’s recommendation of buying plane tickets 76 days before the flight to heart. March 23, 2019
Seriously considering getting the Logitech Crayon. March 22, 2019
Vampire Weekends cover of Spiderman’s Sunflower is so good. March 22, 2019
Managed to swim twice this week. March 21, 2019
Fun video into the world of high-end coffee. March 20, 2019
The new AirPods are an unremarkable update from the description. March 20, 2019
First reaction to new iPads is to follow through with my iPad mini threat and get one ASAP (64Gb with cellular). March 20, 2019
2019-03-17 16-00 March 17, 2019
And just like that, I know I’m probably getting a new coffee toy next month from the looks of the upcoming Aeropress Go. March 16, 2019
The Delter Coffee looks a more complicated AeroPress. March 16, 2019
Sad that Waffle. March 15, 2019
2019-03-14 18-15 March 14, 2019
wwdc March 14, 2019
As a dad, David Nanian’s eulogy to his, is something to strive for: March 13, 2019
Spotify’s complaint against Apple in the EU does sound a lot like Apple. March 13, 2019
Migrating microblog from micro. March 12, 2019
Family and friends in Venezuela without power for close to 50 hours. March 9, 2019
I was also surprised by Shawn Blanc’s switch to an unhipster drip machine. March 7, 2019
Visited my favorite Costa Rican coffee toaster today. March 6, 2019
Everyone’s a critic, but I think the never released Pebble Time 2 still looks better than the new Versa Lite. March 6, 2019
Watching The Umbrella Academy yesterday and a David Gray song came up. February 25, 2019
Can’t wait to add The Wandering Earth to my Netflix list. February 21, 2019
I always develop an interest in projectile physics and spatial awareness when the kids get the stomach flu. February 20, 2019
Since December I’ve been working very hard on measuring developer output, software CapEx, and organization level indicators. February 18, 2019
Domain names are like battery packs, make it cheap enough and I can always self-justify one. February 16, 2019
Ordering coffee at 130 degrees in Starbucks is the hipster idiom that I’m least ashamed to say out lout. February 15, 2019
I have welcomed emojis into my heart and keyboard. February 14, 2019
I’m back on my quarterly install of Google’s Gboard keyboard. February 14, 2019
Ran across Jacoby Young’s Less, More, and None life priority list again. February 14, 2019
In 2003 I visited my first Apple Store, in Cambridge, MA. February 11, 2019
A few seconds before this photo, Bettina grabbed my face, turned it on the side, and planted a big kiss on my cheek. February 11, 2019
Yesterday we celebrated Ana’s birthday. February 10, 2019
This week Robie decided we had to wear (clean) masks for the bedtime story… and last night Bettina joined our book club. February 8, 2019
Dave Winer: February 7, 2019
Tracking Expenses (Part 1) February 4, 2019
Just getting started, but Thinking in Bets by Annie Duke has me glued to the first chapter. February 2, 2019
Mario Kart for iPhone delay could also be related to the rumored game subscription service Apple is working on. January 31, 2019
From an IT perspective ChromeOS devices are a dream come true. January 30, 2019
What a week. January 26, 2019
After 11 years of use (10 of them paid), I’m taking a break from Dropbox. January 17, 2019
If the rumored iPad mini is the insides of a 2018 iPad 9. January 15, 2019
Learning about habit stacking has been a surprisingly powerful tool. January 15, 2019
Enjoyed First Man 📺. January 13, 2019
Hmmm, our next generation anti-virus at work might be getting a bit overzealous. January 11, 2019
I don’t remember any of my Norwegian friends so militant about the matpakke lunch, but it was a fascinating cultural thing. January 7, 2019
Absolutely best way to finish the year. December 31, 2018
post December 30, 2018
The fact there’s no XR leather case from Apple leaves little doubt that the iPhone XR is the cheap version of the XS — which was the opposite of why I told my Dad to get the XR as we entered the store. December 30, 2018
Vacation mode dock enabled. December 21, 2018
The new Men In Black trailer looks very fun. December 20, 2018
Must remember that a tall Starbuck’s flat white has two shots of espresso (ristretto actually). December 18, 2018
When becoming a sofa is the highlight of a fun weekend. December 16, 2018
Robie turned 3 today, and of course Ana organized an amazing birthday party. December 11, 2018
With T-Mobile, seems all major US carriers will support eSIM by years end. December 6, 2018
Of course Mozilla has to say that giving up on EdgeHTML is bad, but they are still right. December 6, 2018
Microsoft confirms Edge is moving to Chromium sometime next year. December 6, 2018
The Verge’s Better Worlds: a science fiction project about hope sounds — and looks — like a breath of fresh air. December 5, 2018
Land Rover Defender Spied Flaunting Its New Body In The U. December 4, 2018
A tip for all Uber drivers: play your local jazz radio station at a reasonable low volume, and the whole experience is instantly upgraded. December 3, 2018
I’d rather buy the digital download version of Firefly (again) than watch it free on Facebook. November 30, 2018
Zcash (ZEC) is launching on Coinbase Pro. November 29, 2018
Had lunch with my yellow princess. November 28, 2018
On Sundays we go out. October 28, 2018
Having some technical issues. October 20, 2018
After lunch cappuccino with the Prismo AeroPress thingy. October 20, 2018
We Went Painting October 14, 2018
We made a killer entrecôte today. October 14, 2018
Another gift coffee. September 29, 2018
Forgot to post this in the morning: trying a new Salvadorian medium roast I got as a gift. September 28, 2018
El más feliz de los 37 cumpleaños. September 26, 2018
post September 26, 2018
Cleaning up my 4 year old account on Ana’s MacBook Pro. September 24, 2018
How things change, I had completely forgotten macOS Mojave come out tomorrow. September 23, 2018
Not the first time Seth Godin inspires me, but looking as his short posts, I’m going to challenge myself to publish at least 50 words daily for the rest of the year. September 23, 2018
My iPhone XS arrived!!! September 22, 2018
Really excited to start listening to Creative Selection by Ken Kocienda. September 8, 2018
For the Love of Spock is a solid documentary. August 19, 2018
For the Love of Spock is a solid documentary. August 19, 2018
Don’t really care who Twitter blocks or not — but want to vote with my clicks my frustration over 3rd party apps APIs. August 16, 2018
Sous vide cold brew experiment this morning with my favorite barista helper. August 12, 2018
Done with The Expanse S01 — great book and equally good show. August 5, 2018
Picked up some freshly roasted coffee to try later today. August 4, 2018
Enjoyed Avengers: Infinity Stone a lot more than expected. August 2, 2018
Saw Molly’s Game over the weekend with Ana and liked it. July 30, 2018
HBO’s Robin Williams: Come Inside My Mind is an incredibly moving documentary. July 21, 2018
Love Notes to Newton is another tangential documentary/film that will be fun to see for a different viewpoint of the same time frame. July 19, 2018
Really looking forward to this General Magic documentary. July 19, 2018
Over the past 2 weeks I’ve been using my personal MacBook (Retina, 12-inch, Early 2016) as my daily driver — while my job’s MacBook Pro 2015 is in the shop for a keyboard/trackpad issue. July 5, 2018
Me maneja. June 30, 2018
Trying to get back into comics. June 24, 2018
Saw Isle of Dogs with Robie and The Post with Ana today. June 23, 2018
father day coffee June 19, 2018
Todos los días pienso en lo bueno que es el antiguo “Roberto padre” para tratar de hacer el nuevo “Roberto hijo” tan feliz como yo. June 17, 2018
Happiest Father’s Day with this troupe of cousins. June 17, 2018
In its current state, iOS 12 Siri Shortcuts are a modern version of the one button mouse. June 9, 2018
pizza robie June 1, 2018
Great article by Ernie Smith on the history of MacOS X interface skins for Windows. May 24, 2018
Not crazy about the new icon, but Tweetbot for Mac could put an 8-bit clown as an icon and I’d still update. May 15, 2018
We heart you @anitamarcela. May 13, 2018
Giving 12 Rules for Life: An Antidote to Chaos by Jordan B. May 12, 2018
Running SublimeText on ChromeOS sounds very interesting to me. May 8, 2018
When you had a shitty day, the iOS keyboard sucks at journaling. May 2, 2018
2018-05-01 May 1, 2018
Trying new SousVide burgers recipe: still main rule is to manage meat as little as possible. April 29, 2018
I’m a sucker for launch events, and Opera holds a special place in my heart. April 29, 2018
Star Wars Resistance will be anime inspired, with WWII aircraft and fighter pilots influences. April 26, 2018
Saw HBO´s Andre the Giant documentary. April 22, 2018
minibarista April 21, 2018
No to sex on roundabouts, Norway tells high school graduates. April 20, 2018
This is a great summary post on Gitflow by Luka Kerr. April 20, 2018
It’s that time of the week when macOS decides it’s not going to display any of my Subtile Text windows because I connected to an external monitor. April 18, 2018
Fine-tuning microblog posting from the blog. April 17, 2018
Giving up on Artemis by Andy Weir. April 16, 2018
Cal Newport writes: April 16, 2018
What’s my name again? April 14, 2018
My dad’s steak adobo recipe: April 13, 2018
Cataratas La Paz April 11, 2018
I’m still bullish on Soylent because of its minimalist concept: if you’re not going to have a great meal, just drink 400kcal of something cheap (and not unhealthy) and move on. April 11, 2018
Two Roberto’s, one map. April 11, 2018
Current cold brew coffee recipe: April 8, 2018
Thought I was ser for life with my Goruck GR1 backpack and my Waterfield Bolt Briefcase… but they had to come up with a Bolt Backpack. April 5, 2018
Fun end of weekend con Aba. April 1, 2018
Surprised I didn’t know about the Marta File Manager for macOS before. March 30, 2018
Browsery, Barnes & Noble’s answer to Goodreads seems very interesting. March 28, 2018
1Password 7 Beta for Macis out. March 28, 2018
Saw Annihilation tonight. March 28, 2018
No smart connector on new base iPad. March 27, 2018
Costa Rica has pushed me to be an accidental coffee snob. March 26, 2018
Suddenly feel less bad about taking 3 months to finish Oathbringer 📚. March 25, 2018
Multi-media. March 25, 2018
Owner of at least two Roberto Mateu’s hearts. March 23, 2018
First time in the big boy seat March 21, 2018
Would love a comparison between Studio Neat’s upcoming Mark One and Baron Fig’s Squire. March 19, 2018
I have to agree out of principle… and justifying my eternal ToDo throughout my life 🔗 Why Rotating Task Managers Regularly Can Make You More Productive March 18, 2018
Cena Peruana Tempranera March 17, 2018
Going to give Jellies a try. March 17, 2018
Jason Fried makes the case (unknowingly? March 14, 2018
However, from the HNews thread on digg reader, Winds 2. March 14, 2018
Sad that digg reader is shutting down. March 14, 2018
For DRM-free audiobooks, Bound is my favorite iOS app. March 13, 2018
A good bad day at work. March 12, 2018
We saw Wonder today. March 10, 2018
Saturday trip stop. March 10, 2018
Wish TunnelBear team the best in joining McAfee. March 9, 2018
Been enjoying the Scribd service, and will probably finish Sapiens before it’s not available anymore — but it kinda puts a dent in the whole point of unlimited. March 9, 2018
I present both the most complex engineering project I’ve embarked upon and the longest instructions deciphering my brain has ever attempted. March 8, 2018
YouTube TV doesn’t let me cancel from Safari… which would be fine, if it hadn’t let me subscribe from Safari. March 8, 2018
Bettina’s First Beach Day March 7, 2018
Josh Comeau’s webpage, Let’s Learn About Waveforms, deserves many awards. March 6, 2018
Excited about Legion Season 2. March 6, 2018
Wesley Moore: A Year Away From Mac OS March 6, 2018
If I didn’t check the site already a few times a day, the new Techmeme Ride Home podcast would be a must-hear. March 6, 2018
The Angle is a nice looking straight razor. March 6, 2018
Had to rollback a release in production. March 6, 2018
Beach day. March 4, 2018
The Death of Stalin wasn’t sitcom funny, it was actually painfully entertaining. March 4, 2018
This iPad appears broken. March 3, 2018
RAMS, about legendary German designer Dieter Rams — by Gary Hustwit (Helvetica, Objectified, Urbanized), with original music by Brian Eno. March 1, 2018
Enjoyed MacSparky’s Blogging Workflow: February 27, 2018
Google and HTTP: February 26, 2018
Today’s morning pomodoros soundtrack 🎵 is Stillness by Heron. February 26, 2018
I don’t regret pushing my company to Slack last year. February 25, 2018
Great Vox video on app addictiveness. February 24, 2018
[…] Assistant will be able to understand you in multiple languages fluently. February 23, 2018
Apple TV hard reset was mostly painless. February 22, 2018
Well, movie night got off to a fun start. February 22, 2018
Finally a lower priced Nest Aware plan ($5 a month, 3$ additional camera). February 21, 2018
Why It’s so Hard to Actually Work in Shared Offices February 21, 2018
Enjoyed this scientifically anecdotal comparison of Apple Maps vs. February 20, 2018
Here’s hoping that changing the iBooks name to Books, is mostly related to an upcoming laptopesque iOS device with a keyboard. February 20, 2018
Con mi otra consentida. February 18, 2018
This Community mini reunion was very enjoyable.. February 16, 2018
En la aventura actual no tenemos selfies sin enanos sonrientes, juguetes desordenados y ojeras sin fiestas. February 9, 2018
Scribd’s new unlimited* books and audiobooks subscription is very compelling. February 8, 2018
The idea of text to speech is always compelling, but I haven’t been able to use it consistently. February 8, 2018
By the by, I’m loving my 4 WyzeCam’s. February 7, 2018
Every time I read a company is rejoining its parent, I hear the same sharpening of the knife used when Newton Inc was brought back to Apple. February 7, 2018
Simple Print is an web article cleanup and PDF that almost makes wanna print all articles. February 6, 2018
Blade Runner 2049. February 3, 2018
PencilSnap for Apple Pencil January 25, 2018
Walmart and Rakuten take on Amazon with Kobo e-reader alliance January 25, 2018
🔗 20 Things I Learned From Becoming Warren Buffett January 23, 2018
If you’d ever cleaned a car seat or stroller, you could never support space travel for children. January 20, 2018
Saw Atomic Blonde last night. January 15, 2018
Microsoft says security fixes will noticeably slow older PCs January 9, 2018
Giving Alfred a try again. January 9, 2018
Macdrifter carefully explains how blogs are dead or dying, and he’s also not into newsletters. January 8, 2018
Intel’s KPTI flaw is really bad, but be ready to extreme simplifications. January 3, 2018
Brent Simmons is going to post more on micro. January 3, 2018
“wake up early” is an eternal failed resolution my life. January 2, 2018
Interesting HN comments on Wired’s Kindle piece. December 30, 2017
Finally saw The Last Jedi. December 26, 2017
Found my AirPods. December 22, 2017
Excellent point: December 21, 2017
Not doing so great on the non-fiction reading these past few months. December 20, 2017
Giving the default macOS Spotlight a try for a few days. December 12, 2017
Also, when“reputable” futures markets appear, the speculation will work both ways. December 7, 2017
Without a doubt cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin are the future. December 7, 2017
Gemini PDA: 20 Years On, Meet The All New Psion Series 5 November 30, 2017
Head to head testing between Nest and Wyze cam starts now. November 27, 2017
RememBear looks like a solid password manager from the TunnelBear people. November 22, 2017
The best laptop ever made November 14, 2017
Winter is coming. November 13, 2017
Saw Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets. November 12, 2017
Polyfact > The best way to browse Reddit’s /r/todayilearned/ November 9, 2017
I’ve switched my writing (as if) to Ulysses, but IA Writter 5 is a very clean update. November 9, 2017
Exile’s Kiss You All Over is one my favorite new discoveries of the Red Oaks soundtrack. November 9, 2017
This open letter to Apple regarding foreign taxes is the perfect example of why Scott Galloway says that Europe is going to be the downfall of the four tech giants. November 8, 2017
CrossOver for ChromeOS (via android) is a very intriguing idea. November 8, 2017
Excited for Firefox 57 on the desktop and Firefox 10. November 7, 2017
Been trying to send money to Costa Rica for almost a week… so I welcome our upcoming Apple Pay for iMessage overlords. November 7, 2017
Today while playing Robie told me Papi, cell aquí and pointed to the floor so I’d put the iPhone down. November 7, 2017
Taking a break from Sci-Fi, started The Nix by Nathan Hill last night. November 7, 2017
Some app updates make me hungry. November 6, 2017
Giving up on New York 2140 by Kim Stanley Robinson. November 4, 2017
The building blocks of Saturday. November 4, 2017
No iPhone X for me. November 3, 2017
Embracing Friday. November 3, 2017
How to access and edit your notes from Control Center in iOS 11 November 2, 2017
Finished Red Oaks last night. November 2, 2017
Read-It-Never: Instapaper and therapeutic self-delusion carefultech. November 2, 2017
Reddit’s favorite learning books, from 3. November 2, 2017
3 episodes in, and Red Oaks may be my favorite TV Show this year. October 25, 2017
Derretido. September 12, 2017
We’re ok. September 10, 2017
First day of class. August 22, 2017
Palm #eclipse2017 Shadows August 21, 2017
Flying from SJO to Miami. July 14, 2017
Finally playing with the micro. July 13, 2017
There must be a German word for being lucky in love but my bag always leaving the airplane last #schadencarryun? July 10, 2017
Facial ID that requires you to mouth a password — using micro expressions — sounds like iPhone 8 stuff. July 8, 2017
Baby Driver is a fun and exciting ride with a soundtrack that has so much character, it’s borderline a musical. July 1, 2017
The new Hulu AppleTV app is so bad, it finally pushed us to cancel subscription (and we do watch a few shows). June 28, 2017
After watching a couple of times, I still tear-up with this ad: June 21, 2017
OS Developer Beta’s are the marshmallow test for grownup geeks. June 21, 2017
Cook by numbers with Father’s Day gifts. June 18, 2017
Didn’t know that Github could render CSVs, this could be useful. June 15, 2017
Finally saw Logan last night. June 4, 2017
Mañana de monos, mapaches y pisotes. May 13, 2017
This is Ground Control to Roberto Andrés… May 7, 2017
Posted my quick notes for the books I read over winter. April 25, 2017
My first tweet had a misspelling, so my first mic should maybe do too? April 25, 2017
En el poco tiempo libre que no tienen, el Foro Penal Vzlano puede ir escogiendo las plazas en todo el país que vamos a ponerle su nombre. April 22, 2017
Verily Smartwatch April 17, 2017
Things 3 beta is super clean. April 17, 2017
Waiting for a calm and peaceful moment tonight to watch The Last Jedi teaser trailer. April 14, 2017
The Empire was Xenophobic April 12, 2017
The Star Wars Battlefront II Teaser looks amazing. April 11, 2017
Guys night-in. March 24, 2017
Wow, the first two episodes of Legion are fantastic. March 18, 2017
Never too late to learn the value of sleeping on it. March 16, 2017
Up till 3am fighting with iptables in CentOS and Docker because “it was forcing port :8080”. March 16, 2017
The end of the rainbow is… a parking in Brickell. March 12, 2017
Strange suspicion that some of my devs call me RO not because of my name, but because of my Read Only access to the repository. March 9, 2017
Finally saw Arrival. February 19, 2017
What’s up, doc? February 19, 2017
Sometimes when he’s really bored, I get a charity kiss. February 11, 2017
Finally saw Rogue One. December 22, 2016
I’m ready to stop complaining about the new MacBook Pro, and pay for the next iCloud Drive with encryption. November 9, 2016
Mi timeline es un espejo traducido de las elecciones presidenciales de Venezuela en el 2012 y 2013. November 9, 2016
My dear American friends: the next few years would be painful, but you’ll come out better on the other side. November 9, 2016
Hora que los Cubs se sienten a dialogar. November 3, 2016
In a highly ironic twist of fate, Mac users now in the same position as Apple // users… realizing that Apple doesn’t get the platform. October 28, 2016
I haven’t looked down at my keyboard in years… and the Touch Bar hasn’t yet provided a reason. October 27, 2016
I know multitasking is bad, but the Touch Bar doesn’t seem compatible with my multitask habit. October 27, 2016
People outside the US watching the #AppleEvent on their Hackintoshes are pointing and laughing right now. October 27, 2016
If Mr Robot had come out in 2006, you’d see a lot more Mac’s. October 27, 2016
A quienes le encanta criticar a la MUD por “lentos” nunca han estado en una reunión de condominio. October 24, 2016
Una “cucharadita” de #Toddy en el café frío señala el próximo inicio del fin de semana. July 22, 2016
“Individual deals, with individual countries”. July 22, 2016
Still. July 15, 2016
#Turkey same conflicted feelings as Venezuela’s coup: it’s hard to defend the institution, when the one undermining it calls for its defense July 15, 2016
I have never seen an A. July 10, 2016
A while back I decided to only allow myself to feel anxiety from politics in Venezuela. June 24, 2016
The Nice Guys is the spiritual successor to Kiss Kiss Bang Bang. June 11, 2016
Quick! June 6, 2016
Happy May 17th to my Norwegian friends! May 17, 2016
Reliable: • Software: Hard • Demos: Harder • Debugging: Hardest • Backups: Hardly April 22, 2016
I know I’m tired when: I have to say the word in spanglish to myself so I can spell it correctly. April 21, 2016
ve food truck April 8, 2016
Release days are like greek weddings… lots of drama lead up to it, and there’s one movie too many. April 4, 2016
Batido Naranja Cambur / Orange Banana Smoothie 2 Frozen Bananas 1 cup of Orange Juice 1/4 Cup of water 1 tbsp of sugar February 27, 2016
La adversidad obligó a la MUD a crear una plataforma tecnológica para comunicarse. December 6, 2015
“I would have written a shorter letter, but I did not have the time. November 29, 2015
Saw an iPad Pro today… if the Apps come, this will be great. November 11, 2015
Really wanted a Will McAvoy from The Newsroom character: a flawed but deep-down lovable Steve — at least by end of the movie . October 24, 2015
Was expecting Sorkin to play with my feelings more. October 24, 2015
Steve Jobs movie is to biographical Jobs, what the West Wing was to the Clinton Administration. October 24, 2015
Oh, and The Martian is great. October 12, 2015
Apple Watch really needs a Movie Mode, or a DND that won’t light up screen unless touched. October 12, 2015
I would totally get wireless audio speakers in my eardrums. October 2, 2015
Evidence that liquid water flows in Mars AND videos showing iPhone 6s may be water resistant on the same week? September 28, 2015
The world is filled with haters… luckily most are buyers first. September 18, 2015
Don’t feel left out. August 24, 2015
The UX for Apple Siri is framed as talking with a servant, while Google Now comes across more like a peer. May 3, 2015
Have a few high volume items that’s easy for people to print (cases, toys, …), and maybe a catalog designers can contribute and take a fee. April 6, 2015
There seems to be an American Rugby game on TV. February 1, 2015
But on UI/UX, MacOS is lagging: Window Mgmt, App Launching and Mgmt (the Dock), File Mgmt. January 5, 2015
The old technological superiority Mac users used to have over Windows is gone. January 5, 2015
Loved Interstellar, but don’t know if IMAX is a must. November 23, 2014
I admire those that treat their body as a temple. November 22, 2014
I just wrote my full ALL CAPS sentence in a work email. October 15, 2014
Just nailed an emergency status update and then… October 13, 2014
A year ago eCommerce End-to-End testing was an abstract concept. October 13, 2014
Crunch time: when color coded status updates fly out the window and every red/yellow item becomes an email/call/meeting. October 6, 2014
There’s either going to be an #iCloudgate this week, or a bunch of articles will need to be batch edited to prepend “allegedly”. September 1, 2014
Just found out my name is an anagram for Atom Burro Tee. August 31, 2014
“Your Customer Success Manager will be joining us in the call”… and I turn off the webcam so I can roll my eyes. August 13, 2014
Continuously amazed how much supply chain management relies in simple FTP for transactions. August 8, 2014
something is broken when you need to work from home because you have too much stuff to get done. August 8, 2014
If the world today was on a Risk game board… I’d think someone was messing with the secret mission cards. July 17, 2014
Got a ticket because I used the wrong app to pay for parking spot. June 23, 2014
¡¡¡PURA VIDA!!! June 20, 2014
Cheap mexican + 2 candy bags in movie = organic container of CH₄ that leaks. June 7, 2014
“Steve Jobs is an obsessive maniac and even he doesn’t make us pay him money to put our games on his computer” ~ Trip Hawkins, 1991 May 22, 2014
Norway folk, need to find the fastest way to get a police certificate for when I lived there. May 20, 2014
If email is not work™ then I’m unemployed. May 15, 2014
Software is always documented. April 17, 2014
‘Her’ is to the singularity what ‘Lost in Translation’ is to culture shock. March 23, 2014
The gentleman’s book is full of corollaries in the “Ladies that can’t lift their carry-on” chapter. March 17, 2014
La emoción por protestas disruptivas en sitios fáciles y convenientes, es eco de las políticas iguales que nos llevaron a este peo. February 17, 2014
Cuestiono el valor estratégico de trancar Caurimare y Las Mercedes. February 14, 2014
Queridos estudiantes, mi corazón está con uds. February 14, 2014
If 3D printed guns are the future of weapons… wars will be over soon. February 9, 2014
I could curse at printers again… or just RT a few past ones to save time. February 9, 2014
Many reasons why, but one nice bonus is that Cmd-Shift-D is now mapped to Dropbox folder everywhere; including Save Dialogs Boxes. January 31, 2014
When a Salad Dressing exhales: ⓐ It’s past the expiration date. January 31, 2014
For those that used FB for years, a sort of reboot would be useful: Call it “Friend Archive”, and let me pick again relevant friendships. January 30, 2014
Facebook has tried to achieve this with algorithms, but IMHO, it hasn’t been successful. January 30, 2014
Really think Facebook needs to deal with social network crud: I don’t have the same friends & interests I had 8/4/2 years ago. January 30, 2014
El “un millón de gracias” ya no alcanza ni para un favorcito de pena baja. January 23, 2014
CCS → SJU → CCS January 23, 2014
CCS → MIA. January 19, 2014
No #PebbleSteel for me, but very excited about the upcoming appstore. January 6, 2014
I’m so high from cold-medicine that I might see Santa AND Baby Jesus later. December 24, 2013
If I had a penny for every time I wash my Apple headphones with my pants… I’d still be short of the $30 being so stupid costs me. December 22, 2013
If you just assume every tweet/email/chat has a :) at the end, the web becomes a better place. December 20, 2013
Million dollar idea: tequila that makes you sneeze afterwards. December 18, 2013
I think it’s great that Apple recognizes Mandela on the frontpage. December 9, 2013
“Eighty percent of success is showing up. December 8, 2013
Decibel Strangle: pushing your office chair towards Computer B (in another desk), with headphones still attached to Computer A. December 6, 2013
“Do not judge me by my successes, judge me by how many times I fell down and got back up again. December 5, 2013
aún #SinLuz en Alto Hatillo a las 7:30am. December 3, 2013
Ceteris paribus, I don’t see either of these happening: November 28, 2013
Es como hacer una huelga de hambre comiendo tequeños, pero condenando a los productores de harina y queso. November 3, 2013
I currently use the following naming convention folders: October 23, 2013
I’m going to give Tags a try in Mavericks. October 23, 2013
Over the last year my work emails have become very detailed. October 23, 2013
Crap. October 16, 2013
Crazy idea: adopt car year pricing model. September 25, 2013
Pricing is always hard; but exposure to: mega markets, global competition and discoverability challenges make App Store’s very interesting. September 25, 2013
App Store operators are concentrating on volume, so complexities like paid upgrades are not desired. September 25, 2013
But low prices in digital goods are perceived differently by consumers. September 25, 2013
Software prices in App Store’s need a readjustment. September 25, 2013
Crap, no unlocked 5s in online US Store. September 20, 2013
The question in my mind the next 90 minutes: iPhone 5S, 5C, or 5U? September 10, 2013
Las distorsiones económicas actuales en Venezuela son tan tectónicas, que aunque emigres, compras pasaje con retorno. September 10, 2013
More accurately, we talked a bit… and I made a stupid joke about her job that she still remembered when we started going out last year. September 7, 2013
bien pues, “saboteo”. September 3, 2013
Maybe that’s why time travelers from the future don’t visit: slow Internet. September 2, 2013
Broadband went down mid-morning and had to work tethered at 3G/EDGE the rest of the day. September 2, 2013
I’d complain that the World War Z movie ruined a perfectly good book… but they basically just used the title. August 30, 2013
El que nunca le dijo “mami” a una maestra, que tire la primera pene… digo, piedra. August 28, 2013
Cuando el ventilador de techo suena… pila. August 19, 2013
Managed #inboxzero. August 9, 2013
RIO » PTY » CCS July 20, 2013
Job descriptions is what the company thinks you do. July 18, 2013
Sometimes you go the extra mile… only to realize everyone else is on the metric system. July 16, 2013
MEX » SJC » CCS July 11, 2013
CCS » PTY » GUA July 8, 2013
Major sneeze while brushing teeth. June 28, 2013
I respect all culture and beliefs… but can’t understand how people use PowerPoint. June 17, 2013
the problem with having a really smart Excel table is that when you do something dumb… it can still look fine. June 17, 2013
#eresfoodiesi te preocupas si alguien comenta “y ahí vemos que comemos” como parte del plan. June 14, 2013
Just noticed that deployments to a certain server are done everyday at 13:37 CEST. June 14, 2013
7762Km June 7, 2013
Will “Not US-based” become a feature on web services? June 7, 2013
“en redes sociales no hay audiencia sino comunidades. June 4, 2013
“Cuando llega el comercial en TV, la mayoría de la gente mira su laptop/celular/etc” #DiageoEnCasa June 4, 2013
While editing pixels, fly flew across the screen: brain assumed it was the mouse cursor, hand agreed. June 3, 2013
iPhone 4S just crashed to a hard floor with such intensity, it turned off. May 28, 2013
and the wicked fairy told my father: “he’ll have 10 fingers and toes; but will NEVER open a yogurt without spraying himself! May 23, 2013
“Never ascribe to malice that which is adequately explained by incompetence” — Napoleon Bonaparte. May 21, 2013
Corbatura. May 11, 2013
CCS →CDG →IST May 9, 2013
“Maybe the most underappreciated thing about Steve was that he had the courage to change his mind. May 4, 2013
Heading home! April 20, 2013
Calma, calma, calma. April 15, 2013
Sin drama o misterios, fue un final de fotografía y exigimos nuestro derecho de revisar la foto. April 15, 2013
Es noche de esperar lo que HACEN, no lo que dicen. April 15, 2013
En Caracas. April 13, 2013
CCS-CDG-OSL. April 9, 2013
Turbulence makes you wish you were on the ground. April 3, 2013
When a developer reply is more cryptic than a software error prompt, you know one’s buggy and the other a jackass. March 25, 2013
“It’s so hard to forget pain, but it’s even harder to remember sweetness. March 25, 2013
So, no OSX 10. March 21, 2013
“Know what’s weird? March 19, 2013
Of course, I could just use a radix sorting algorithm for all the places I’d look for, but then I’d forget what I wanted to find. February 23, 2013
I can find everything on last place I look for it. February 23, 2013
Yes, I’ll open the attachment continuously updated for the past 3 weeks, and copy&paste the info you need. February 19, 2013
You know they say; lucky in seat assignment… unlucky in bag coming out. February 4, 2013
OSL →LHR January 31, 2013
tilbake i Oslo January 22, 2013
Damn long stopover at LHR… just bought a Kindle Paperwhite 3G January 22, 2013
CCS→MIA→LHR→OSL January 21, 2013
Combinado, unas 3 Billones de personas en plan maestro para que nosotros 30 millones andemos en bicicleta. January 18, 2013
De buena fuente: acaparamiento masivo de carros en China, India, Japón, Korea, México, Brasil y hasta Detroit. January 18, 2013
Tapiti Tapiti Tap Tapiti Tap Tap Tapiti Tap ⌘+C ⌘+V Tapiti Tap Tapiti ⌘+V Tap… January 16, 2013
‘When the axe came into the woods, many of the trees said, “At least the handle is one of us. January 5, 2013
Either the magnitude of this task is looming before me… or my pilates ball has a leak. January 4, 2013
I’m sure an engineer will figure out how to ping electric shocks via HTTP after reading this task request. January 2, 2013
25 years ago, this building was a house, and on this house we waited for the operator to call back and talk long distance to the US. December 31, 2012
This safety razor shave would have been better for everybody if I’d just gone to the barber shop, and donated the same amount of blood. December 31, 2012
6h ago: “Might as well clean my inbox” 5h59m ago: 1 New Mail 5h58m45s ago: “Oh crap” December 27, 2012
The Hobbit was fun. December 24, 2012
Going with my Mom¹ and Dad to The Hobbit tonight. December 23, 2012
Let’s be clear, the Mayan calendar predicted the end of the world as much as my iPhone running out of battery means the end of electricity. December 20, 2012
It’s already December 21st in Australia… So typical for end of the world to be late. December 20, 2012
Cartero toca el timbre para el aguinaldo. December 17, 2012
Tengo un dedo pintado de votar, y le pinto otro dedo a los que no creen que deben ir. December 16, 2012
Fajarse en la difícil de ganar, pero desanimarse en las que ya hemos ganado, es actitud de flojo. December 15, 2012
I’ve been wrong before, but’ll never be as wrong as when I contracted but I will on an email. December 14, 2012
I listened Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness thousands of times by myself in front of a PC. December 13, 2012
Sueño: Poder viajar en el tiempo a la reunión donde inventaron el Choco Müsli… y cachetear a quien dijo “¡Y pasas también! December 11, 2012
Completely messed up my Mac’s networking, but got a lot better at sniffing traffic data. December 7, 2012
Whoever designed the AppleTV controller tested it standing up, and not sprawled on a couch. December 7, 2012
No puedo confirmar ni negar que hoy vi algo que me hizo cagarme de la risa. December 6, 2012
Went with Whisky, but not to worry, I’ve enough magazine ads to know it’s ok to drink while working — as long as I lean forward on my elbow. December 5, 2012
Hmmm, just remotely captured packets using a VPN to log an issue… but it worked… though not according to the log. December 5, 2012
Espero que el mundo se acabe en 19 días… no creo que pueda sobrevivir un año de gente refiriéndose a la fecha como ‘2012+1’. December 2, 2012
A wise man never said: “yeah, the milk smells funny, but I’m sure it’s fine”. December 1, 2012
RIO →GRU →CCS November 30, 2012
Going crazy looking for important email from client I got yesterday… just realized I dreamt it. November 29, 2012
If the world is going to end on Dec 21st, today is a great day to buy all “No payments for 30 days” things you may want. November 23, 2012
CCS→GRU→RIO. November 19, 2012
“He does watercolors. November 18, 2012
I just got beat-up by a conference call. November 16, 2012
Time is funny… not always laugh out loud funny; but at least smile-and-shake-head funny. November 16, 2012
“do you have a dogs barking ringtone? November 15, 2012
Booyah! November 11, 2012
When in doubt… I rewatch The West Wing (first 4 seasons). November 11, 2012
Este martes de noviembre se lee como un domingo de octubre en mi twitter, pero en inglés. November 6, 2012
Trees do not have bones. November 5, 2012
“You can tell how smart people are by what they laugh at. November 4, 2012
Lo único que he visto a venezolanos leer más detalladamente que las instrucciones de CADIVI, son las cotufas de microonda. November 4, 2012
Hasta que Toddy no se sincere y duplique las cucharadas recomendadas, no será un éxito en países donde siguen las instrucciones. November 4, 2012
“Otra sangría, pero menos ensalada de frutas y más vino tinto” November 4, 2012
TV giving my parents AppleID “An error occurred loading this content” trying to play rented movies. November 2, 2012
SCL-LIM-CCS November 1, 2012
Ok. November 1, 2012
Los tres taxistas chilenos que les he preguntado si bailan tango GRITAN ante la sugerencia. October 31, 2012
CCS-GYE-SCL October 29, 2012
All I’m saying is that - if Curling is an Olympic sport, then Airport Gate Change Sprint should get a chance. October 28, 2012
post friends-week blues. October 28, 2012
Bought an all-natural hippie deodorant, and (oh, surprise) now I smell like an all-natural hippie; which defeats the whole purpose. October 26, 2012
I hum “♪ Why♩don’t you ♬ piiiiick up? October 24, 2012
Love the iPad mini Ad. October 23, 2012
If Twitter or Facebook displayed their timeline as a Gantt chart… nobody would do anything fun. October 22, 2012
♥ how NYC can go from freaky to fun, to 90’s, to crazy and back to fun, in just a few blocks. October 21, 2012
I was going to make a sarcastic comments about working on a plane… but wifi on flights is so effing cool. October 19, 2012
Business travel is like email, it feels like work… but it ain’t. October 17, 2012
CCS - PTY - GUA October 15, 2012
Ya sé de donde recuerdo esta sensación: ¡estoy despechado! October 8, 2012
Today I think I’ll be 1 in 9 million :) October 7, 2012
Dealing with massive email list is a pain in the IMAP. October 7, 2012
After going through ~2000 support messages, I can now appreciate the one-off email with something nice to say. October 6, 2012
The hum of the electric razor can be calming… until it goes two octaves lower and you just know —there’s a bald spot on your left cheek. October 6, 2012
GRU - CCS October 4, 2012
Me: are you sure I’ll make the connection at São Paulo? October 4, 2012
Acabo de escribir “requete full”. October 1, 2012
No es que estemos polarizados, sino que nadie nos explicó para que eran las dos filas. September 27, 2012
No es que los parques no tengan luz, es que las luciérnagas son capitalistas/imperialistas/saboteadoras. September 27, 2012
No es que el teleférico este malo, es que solo funciona de bajada #BájaloDeEsaNube #V07A September 27, 2012
“Early to bed, early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise” September 27, 2012
I may have considerably underestimated how long it would take to hang dry my clothes. September 24, 2012
1988: made horrible mug for Mom… and she showed it to all her friends. September 24, 2012
When InboxZero™ becomes ArchiveForLaterSearch® September 24, 2012
my extreme sport: crazy taxi rides. September 23, 2012
I love the smell of SIM cards in the morning. September 20, 2012
A man, a task, and the sudden realization that the spreadsheet before him has been filled with the wrong data. September 19, 2012
I’m amazingly fluent in the international hand sign of ‘One Draft Beer Please’. September 18, 2012
I wish upon star to answer this email by saying “I have no idea what you’re talking about… but NEITHER DO YOU”. September 17, 2012
nada contra español: es un idioma para poesía, humor, romance y drama en general. September 17, 2012
translating tech documentation to español makes want to smoke something illegal. September 17, 2012
Drunk enough to be sincere… sober enough to be serious. September 15, 2012
Wish: I wish I were home. September 15, 2012
MEX - GRU - GIG September 13, 2012
Detrás de cada kilo de chalequeo hay 35. September 11, 2012
every few months I encounter a tie that just seems to say: “nahh, don’t think so” when I try to get the knot an length right. September 7, 2012
Huge stretch/yawn while sitting on a pilates ball… I just performed a Funniest Home Movie sketch with no audience. September 6, 2012
There’s a summer camp next door. September 5, 2012
Looking for an Apartment or Room in Rio de Janeiro from Sept 13 - Oct 5. September 4, 2012
“I campaigned for JFK because he’s Catholic and I’m Catholic and they never said it, but you knew you were going to hell if you didn’t. September 4, 2012
Would you look at that? September 3, 2012
After some careful analysis, it’s now obvious that ‘Full Summary’ is a really stupid heading. September 3, 2012
I postulate that “once you pop you can’t stop” was thought up by a creative in a urinal after a night of too many beers. August 31, 2012
“Oh, that’s expected behaviour”. August 31, 2012
Debugging computers is hard. August 29, 2012
CCS-BOG-MEX August 26, 2012
Would you look at that? August 25, 2012
I wish time recording systems would let you record the time you spend on time recording systems trying to figure how to record time. August 25, 2012
Prof. August 24, 2012
Super productive the last two hours. August 21, 2012
love affair with AppleTV slightly diminished when I couldn’t figure out how to play The Hunger Games iTunes Extras. August 20, 2012
“Have adventures. August 19, 2012
In sex and in networking, you must always be mindful of the ACK Timeout. August 19, 2012
Meatloaf, Ricardo Arjona and UB40… my iPhone in shuffle reminded me why heading home early was a good idea. August 18, 2012
The only way I can claim anything remotely similar to #InboxZero this week is if I switch back to roman numerals. August 17, 2012
maybe we quickly forget dreams for those few times when we have a horrible nightmare. August 17, 2012
A wise man just told me: “Report things that are out of your control FIRST. August 16, 2012
Heading to San Fran to grab a beer. August 14, 2012
Indian Monty Python “Always Look at the Bright Side of Life” with NBC bleep was just epic #London2012 August 13, 2012
catching up with old friends is always hard: too much celebrating and remembering in a short span. August 11, 2012
Resignation: when you give up trying to pick the raisins out of Trail Mix and just grab a handful. August 10, 2012
Kinda anti-climatic that new –purchased in Apple retail Store— MacBook Air still comes with Lion. August 7, 2012
Captain: “please remember to place your rollerboards wheels first on the overhead bin”. August 5, 2012
I would have expected this from a Monday, but a Tuesday? July 31, 2012
Of course, the side-glances and stares from the receptionist now make a lot more sense. July 31, 2012
“why are you measuring signal strength in the bathroom? July 29, 2012
Estimados amigos vacacionistas de cubículos e insolados por luces de neón: encima de Caracas no hay ni una. July 27, 2012
me considero quejón de oportunidades iguales: tanto el carro con calcomanía de Rosario que no da paso, como el de ‘racing’ que va lento. July 27, 2012
/dev/sda Looks like the RAID 1 configuration is working. July 23, 2012
I have calmly decided to go to bed, run 10K in the morning, and then get on the roof and kill this fucking access point. July 22, 2012
INDEPABIS debería tener una extensión para cuando alguien trae pie de guayaba en vez de chocolate. July 21, 2012
I once arrived to a bar so early… they threw me in. July 20, 2012
I fought the proxy and I won I needed a server and I got mine The proxy don’t mean shit if you’ve got the right ports. July 20, 2012
“Unlike X, the Y fork developer is not existentially challenged. July 16, 2012
Turns out “The one that got away” is not a reference to Duck Hunt. July 16, 2012
I really need to stop talking to my dogs and expect a reply. July 14, 2012
Yeah baby, I have my boxers on, grab my MacBook Air, sit on the bed and… “EAAAAAAOOHHHHOLLY CRAP THE METAL IS COLD” July 14, 2012
Our mail programs used to respect us. July 11, 2012
“You can’t fire me! July 10, 2012
Status: Happy monday everybody! July 9, 2012
Home is where a long hot shower is. July 9, 2012
I blame TV horror films for my lack of handyman skills. July 7, 2012
“Live each season as it passes; breathe the air, drink the drink, taste the fruit and resign yourself to the influences of each. July 5, 2012
Desde la autopista no veo que viene lluvia, sino una catarata ambulante. July 4, 2012
“If you want to tell people the truth, make them laugh, otherwise they’ll kill you. July 4, 2012
36 hours after running #10k my walking can be described as: July 3, 2012
algún día moriré de la risa, pero que reclame alguien que me está pasando por el hombrillo es comedia pura. July 2, 2012
Apple: “To the 7 bloggers who tried iWork․com 3 years ago, please download your docs before July 31”. July 2, 2012
Receta para perder las orejas esta semana: ir a la barbería y decir “pásame la cuatro”. July 1, 2012
If time is absolute and space is relative, then waking up at this hour to go run must break some natural law. July 1, 2012
Qué día de parada ni qué día se parada: partido de lo que sea a las 8am y 5pm. June 27, 2012
TGIF!!! June 27, 2012
The Newsroom episode 1 link I RT yesterday is not ‘available in your country’. June 27, 2012
I’m sure Karl Marx was a time traveller who got REALLY PISSED at his bank’s website. June 26, 2012
Mis 30 comenzaron cuando salió un reloj que cuenta piscinas. June 25, 2012
Holy crap! June 25, 2012
Si haber vamos, prefiero que conviertan La Carlota en un aeropuerto antes que en una pista de F1. June 24, 2012
“The venn diagram of boys who don’t like smart girls and boys you don’t wanna date is a circle. June 23, 2012
“A fool finds no pleasure in understanding but delights in airing his own opinions” — Richard Dawkins June 20, 2012
“I’ve made a huge tiny mistake. June 19, 2012
“Sometimes I feel so sick at the state of the world, that I can’t even finish my second apple pie. June 18, 2012
Have you practiced with you air drums lately? June 15, 2012
mucha gente al volante ha debido de ser BURDA de mala en tetris. June 13, 2012
En series de 200mts espalda, combato la tentación de la carrilera durante 170mts. June 13, 2012
And for all of you who don’t care, count yourselves lucky that I won’t share, my #WWDC underwear. June 11, 2012
“We are all here on earth to help others… what on earth the others are here for, I don’t know. June 10, 2012
“I kind of see plot as a necessary intrusion on what I really want to do, which is write musical dialogue. June 9, 2012
/night/ Chocolate Cake → nightmares, toss & turns, thirst, stomach ache. June 9, 2012
Phone interviews are A LOT more fun when you just tell the truth. June 6, 2012
Interponsable. June 2, 2012
Es algo incongruente que para votar necesites capta-huella pero para ser candidato no. June 2, 2012
“If you want to know the truth of who you are, walk until not a person knows your name. June 2, 2012
“Sir, I need you to please put away the iPad for take-off” May 31, 2012
So whoever utters these words: “It should be mine ’cause I saw it first” gets instantly vaporized by a sentient parking meter. May 30, 2012
I hope someday technology will allow us to solve one of the most divisive ideological conflicts of humanity: Parking Space Entitlement. May 30, 2012
say what you will about WebApps, but reloading a website is a lot less painful than restarting an app. May 29, 2012
My monologue on using 60 seconds vs. May 29, 2012
“You know that the opposite of now isn’t … OK, look! May 20, 2012
“…and that’s my brilliant business idea” May 18, 2012
“¿Dónde estás? May 16, 2012
“sí se les esta quitando la pava, es que el pavoso se está muriendo”. May 13, 2012
Those who don’t get reading on an iPad haven’t had a huge wet sneeze sneak up on them recently. May 12, 2012
Mi momento #meiriademasiado de la semana… me niego a ver The Avengers en español. May 11, 2012
“Nonfiction conveys information. May 9, 2012
Phew, everything seems to be working now. May 9, 2012
Now I remember why I have a rule about not touching Nameservers and DNS Records during weekdays. May 9, 2012
“Writing is easy. May 8, 2012
En Caracas. May 8, 2012
regarding #CCDD: “I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it”. May 5, 2012
Yes… no… maybe. May 5, 2012
sometimes in life you make a decision and can’t escape the consequences… May 3, 2012
in an age where communications are almost telepathic, we share a fiction of ourselves more than reality. May 2, 2012
I have not seen the light, but I know where the switch is. May 2, 2012
how cold is it? April 27, 2012
BTW, I may be tweeting the word ‘brilliant! April 25, 2012
after 4 days in Barcelona, there’s more of me to love —or hate. April 22, 2012
I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Norwegian banks are the most efficient in the world from the customer point of view. April 11, 2012
I lead a very boring life: have bought antacids on an airport bathroom dispenser, but never a pack of condoms. April 9, 2012
with an hour to spare on Heathrow, I really need a sweater… what do I buy? April 9, 2012
would you look at that? April 4, 2012
Off to an internetless, kindle-filled island existence this week. April 2, 2012
Caracas: ciudad donde te llega el email del último mito urbano de crimen, y lo único que piensas es “ojalá la vaina fuera tan light” April 2, 2012
“You might have noticed that I appreciate the avant-garde french rock-pop scene” March 31, 2012
It has been brought to my attention that a quick look at my Facebook photos gives the impression I only have 1 tie. March 30, 2012
every time I see a $50. March 30, 2012
Sorry about last tweet. March 29, 2012
I remember you with every breath I take. March 29, 2012
“scientific method” is how I explained using two different deodorants today. March 25, 2012
driving with a plastic cup with wine is the most uncivilized civilized thing I’ve ever done. March 25, 2012
I don’t have the attention span necessary for spy novels. March 24, 2012
El Gatorade es 96% agua y el vino 85%. March 23, 2012
unsurprisingly, being charming in a small space with bad acoustics and very loud volume, is not one of my superpowers. March 23, 2012
Yikes, Sublime Text 2 is an amazing improvement to what I tried a year ago. March 22, 2012
Nowadays, yelling “that’s MY WOMAN! March 21, 2012
Most ‘Social Networking Experts’ I know aren’t very sociable. March 21, 2012
Me thinks a lot of people are going to be wishing they owned $AAPL tomorrow. March 18, 2012
“Prueba la dijonnaise que está excelente” March 17, 2012
en aeropuerto, kioskos y restaurantes, absolutamente impresionado de la claridad en Margarita para el #7Oct. March 17, 2012
A diferencia que en la vida, en la natación lo primero que se pierde es el estilo. March 16, 2012
Entre más doctores conozco, más extraño a mi pediatra. March 14, 2012
One stupid rumor about the 15in MacBook Air and I waste 45 minutes looking at Thunderbolt accessories. March 14, 2012
“The greatest enemy of a good plan, is the dream of a perfect plan” - Carl Von Clausewitz, 1780-1831 Prussian general and military theorist March 14, 2012
Oí al moto-taxi decir “¡Vaaaya flaaaaco! March 13, 2012
After seeing leaked pictures of sexy young actress, first thing I think of: March 13, 2012
It’s difficult to lie about “who came into the apartment with their feet dirty? March 11, 2012
“éste trago esta demasiaaaaado fuerte pana” March 10, 2012
just put the kindle into the beach bag before even looking for the swimsuit. March 9, 2012
¿Alguien del Cumbres sabe un reencuentro mañana? March 8, 2012
it was bound to happen. March 8, 2012
I currently have 9 iPads on my cart, since app adds one every couple of failed checkouts. March 7, 2012
guys stop pushing! March 7, 2012
Printers hate me and WiFi networks don’t respect me. March 6, 2012
Ir a la Barbería Monaco durante un juego de fútbol ha sido lo más arriesgado que he hecho en el 2012. March 6, 2012
“I’m going to name my daughters Helvetica, Georgia and Verdana” March 6, 2012
I have kept all my resumes from the last 10 years. March 6, 2012
“It has been my philosophy of life that difficulties vanish when faced boldly. March 5, 2012
“The past is a foreign country: they do things differently there. March 4, 2012
Just found out that spicy tuna doesn’t come from the Gulf of Mexico. February 29, 2012
Turns out ‘irony’ is not a recognized ISO_9001 management principle. February 28, 2012
Weird, just read Facebook’s S-1 filling and it doesn’t say anything about donating surgeries/food/wheelchairs in exchange for Likes. February 28, 2012
Today’s meditation exercise said: “let your mind wander, and follow it”. February 28, 2012
best Oscar acceptance of the night. February 27, 2012
Yes, yes, yes, no, yes, yes, maybe, yes, yes, mom’s kinda hot, meh, yes, etc. February 27, 2012
Ño! February 26, 2012
note un aire de pena entre los que trotábamos en la lagunita. February 26, 2012
Never tell geeks “keep your eye on the ball”. February 25, 2012
I just tried to RT an email. February 23, 2012
The expectations of a generation that never knew computers without internet are going blow our mind. February 22, 2012
It’s the time of the year again for my Sorkin fix. February 20, 2012
I’m #ouch too #ouch cool #ouch to #ouch use #ouch sunscreen. February 19, 2012
Decenas de personas trotando en la Río de Janeiro, y el “gran parque” de La Carlota cerrado. February 19, 2012
“it’s called denial” February 19, 2012
Sometimes a client’s email is worth a thousand words. February 17, 2012
COTERIE!!! February 17, 2012
WTF?! February 16, 2012
“Speak when you are angry - and you’ll make the best speech you’ll ever regret. February 16, 2012
#3040449 February 14, 2012
United We Stand February 13, 2012
Estoy preocupado… va a faltar birra. February 13, 2012
Quien asegure tener “datos” a esta hora y no sea vidente, miente entre los dientes. February 12, 2012
Primera vez que estoy ligando una cadena. February 12, 2012
el merici esta vacío. February 12, 2012
¡Buenos días! February 12, 2012
OH “en esa alcaldía va a quedar el que menos pierda”. February 12, 2012
“We are what we pretend to be, so we must be careful about what we pretend to be. February 10, 2012
Me acaban de decir de una quiniela para el #12F . February 9, 2012
“Each man is a good education to himself, provided he has the capacity to spy on himself from close up. February 7, 2012
“Dear Roberto, thank you for…” +100 words. February 6, 2012
Why does watching sports make me wanna eat? February 6, 2012
I don’t remember ever saying: “this has too much mayo”. February 5, 2012
“Wine can be a wiser teacher than ink, and banter is often better than books. February 5, 2012
Es apropiado que el #4F y #WorldCancerDay coincidan. February 4, 2012
no explosions, no (obvious) CGI, no 3D, no color, and almost no dialog… February 4, 2012
Dark chocolate is one of the most graceful past-expiration date foods. February 3, 2012
we may nod (but I can’t spell) February 3, 2012
Ladies, bangs is to hair what fuchsia is to colors… we made nod, but we have no idea what you’re talking about. February 3, 2012
cola monstruosa vía la boyera. February 2, 2012
“If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always gotten” - AA Blue Book February 2, 2012
Every time I call my norwegian bank or credit card I get a little taste of Oslo service: not really friendly, but efficient as hell. February 1, 2012
With a whole generation of kids thinking it’s Ok to touch the screen, I’m condemned to become a cranky old geek. January 31, 2012
Estimado moto-conductor: cuando su circunferencia abdominal es la que pega con mi retrovisor, es hora de explorar otro régimen alimenticio. January 31, 2012
“In school, you’re taught a lesson and then given a test. January 31, 2012
“If A is a success in life, then A equals X+Y+Z. January 29, 2012
When in doubt: helvetica. January 27, 2012
Las colas caraqueñas mas interesantes son las que generan peos existenciales: January 27, 2012
“A geek is a person… with an abiding, obsessive, self-effacing, even self-destroying love for something besides status. January 27, 2012
Spending almost two hours looking for “good background work music” is the best/worst/funniest/stupidest thing I’ve done this week. January 26, 2012
“Aquí todo el mundo dice lo que piensa”. January 26, 2012
Sorry, please disregard last tweet… January 26, 2012
On cleaning days, you’re either part or the problem or the problem. January 25, 2012
Bloody hell Apple: $46. January 24, 2012
En otra palabras, los únicos que están bravos en mi Facebook son los que dan la bendición en sus posts. January 24, 2012
Anecdóticamente, veo corte generacional clarísimo entre los que ven a #capoldo como “maniobra de cúpula” vs. January 24, 2012
Every time a song ends while on hold, I die a little… when the same song starts again, I’m reborn in rage. January 24, 2012
“He uses statistics as a drunken man uses lamp-posts… for support rather than illumination. January 24, 2012
I just sneezed so hard that my internal clock is blinking 12:00 AM January 24, 2012
A good snooze button is designed so you can operate it with less than 50% of your brain capacity. January 22, 2012
La carne roja y whisky muy cargado se pueden remediar. January 22, 2012
Done! January 21, 2012
Candidato entregando panfleto con propuesta de mejoras en vialidad, empeorando notablemente el tráfico. January 20, 2012
My productivity #fail of today was of such epic proportions… I almost didn’t write this tweet. January 20, 2012
Of all the stupid things I’ve done this week… January 20, 2012
A suspiciously large number of people have changed their emails with year-of-birth’s in the address. January 20, 2012
#2: ’hell you talking about? January 19, 2012
it has taken me a long time to realize this… but capitalization is overrated. January 19, 2012
Loving this showdown between new and old media. January 18, 2012
Cuando “decir lo que piensas” y “decir lo que sabes” difieren mucho, es mejor quedarse callado. January 17, 2012
“It pays to keep an open mind, but not so open your brains fall out. January 16, 2012
Next time there’s an Apple event and think I’m geeking out my timeline too much for everybody… I’ll remember today. January 16, 2012
Ok, still figuring out Path, but one thing it has over Google+ is… girls. January 15, 2012
En sabú. January 14, 2012
Cuando “vamos pa’ Sabu” suena como buena idea… January 14, 2012
With a good book I nod and shake my head. January 13, 2012
fuck fuck fuckity fuck. January 11, 2012
Recovering a Windows PC for a neighbor should count towards sainthood… or at least be a tax deduction. January 11, 2012
The only thing I’ve ever seen that I’m glad Aaron Sorkin didn’t write was Steve Jobs commencement speech. January 11, 2012
My lack of religious beliefs makes this hard to accept… January 10, 2012
There’s 3 things in the way of my work plans: the state of the economy and visa status. January 9, 2012
El romanticismo con la patria es parecido al humano: emocionante, pasional y en la mayoría de los casos, incapaz de ser racional. January 9, 2012
The Douchebag Handbook: January 8, 2012
Sunburn, the body’s way of saying: January 8, 2012
I may seem arrogant, but I have flaws you can’t begin to comprehend. January 7, 2012
72% of all geek breakups occur when they answer accurately —yet incorrectly, to the question: “Isn’t this wonderful?! January 6, 2012
“The good news is that the pie is ready! January 6, 2012
Arepa con plátano de cena. January 6, 2012
Buying meat for a barbecue makes me think that maybe zombies are people like us… just really obsessed with freshness. January 5, 2012
Got a flat tire when I was late for… nothing. January 4, 2012
When in doubt, check Permissions. January 4, 2012
Contagion is the wrong movie to try showing off about places you’ve visited: January 4, 2012
Standing in my room with a can in one hand and a leash in the other. January 3, 2012
Madurez: ponerle sólo las 3 cucharadas indicadas al Toddy. January 3, 2012
In other words: in this precise moment in space and time… it hurts to be me. January 1, 2012
Hang: To be or remain suspended. January 1, 2012
Women: I need to pick which swimsuits to take. December 31, 2011
Las hormigas esquivaron los Halls para llegar a mi Cri-Cri. December 31, 2011
Anecdotally, the battery life of my iPod Shuffle is ∞ December 30, 2011
You know when a music set is trying to kick you out a party and you don’t for up? December 28, 2011
Tonight I danced with a salsa teacher and learned a life lesson: December 28, 2011
To all trying to look cool in the tropics: December 28, 2011
I hope that by the time I’m good at social network chitchat (~10years? December 28, 2011
If we could harness the energy of good intentions, sport equipment stores would be like nuclear plants the days before new year’s. December 27, 2011
Have you ever, like, drank too much water? December 27, 2011
La decoración del apartamento de la playa es siempre un flashback remixed de tu vivienda principal 15 años antes. December 26, 2011
If I ever write a self-help book, the title would be: You Are So Not Special. December 26, 2011
Just found my 2011 New Year’s Resolutions… I misspelled diligence. December 26, 2011
Sorry, but I just can’t help thinking that a “free gift for every child” is either a socialist agenda or a money laundering operation. December 25, 2011
All of you whom late tonight have to quietly move a large object from storage into the living room… and then wake up at 6am: I salute you. December 24, 2011
Explicar pan de jamón en ingles, y oír “So, it’s like a sandwich? December 24, 2011
Had dinner with great friends of the last 18 years. December 22, 2011
You start to show your age if: “Relive childhood memories” is advertised of something you were too old to use as a kid. December 21, 2011
My goodness, upgrading devices to iOS5 and figuring out from where to restore, sync and backup has been a pain in the iButt. December 20, 2011
My home Internet is so slow, Kim Jong-il is still alive on my twitter stream. December 20, 2011
Back home after 78 days traveling. December 19, 2011
MIA ✈ SJU ✈ CCS December 18, 2011
It should be illegal to fly with this hangover. December 18, 2011
Don’t delay your Apple purchases because of rumors. December 15, 2011
Everyone that ain’t asking for an iPad this Xmas ’cause iPad 3 is “coming soon” stand over there —next to people waiting for the iPhone 5? December 15, 2011
Still don’t have access to MacBook, but just redownloaded the 500ish songs I had bought in iTunes to new iPhone. December 15, 2011
First tweet from my new iPhone 4S. December 13, 2011
OH “¿Qué son tequeños? December 7, 2011
There’s 3 weddings and 5 baby photos on my timeline today. December 7, 2011
When you bounce ideas (even stupid ones) off smart people, you are told the “watch-outs”. December 7, 2011
Pretty sure a metro machine just scammed me with $1 coins. December 7, 2011
Now off to Miami. December 5, 2011
Holy crap USA, I hope this is the best airport security in the world, ’cause it feels like the most inefficient in 4 continents. December 5, 2011
Departed Hong Kong on Monday and arrived on LA on Sunday. December 5, 2011
“wanna dance? December 3, 2011
Kebabs: food sent by the gods to feed the chosen people… at 4am in the morning. December 2, 2011
Back in HK. December 1, 2011
Street crossing is theist extreme activity I’ve done on this trip. November 29, 2011
Took bullet train from Beijing to Shanghai. November 28, 2011
The shortest distance between two points is a straight line. November 26, 2011
Off to Beijing and Shanghai! November 24, 2011
Dear airlines: If you don’t find any place for the media box, other than beneath the seat in front of me, keep your entertainment system. November 24, 2011
Back in Hong Kong 香港 for the weekend. November 17, 2011
But river snake tastes “just like chicken”. November 15, 2011
First real food #fail of the trip. November 15, 2011
A draft beer in Siam Reap is 3 kroner. November 14, 2011
Wrote a thousand word post of my India trip. November 13, 2011
HKG ✈ SGN ✈ REP November 13, 2011
Earth rotation speed is 1674km/h in the equator. November 12, 2011
He bailado “Danza Kuduro” en 3 de los 4 países que he visitado. November 11, 2011
Around Central, two telecom stores have lines of 200 people more or less. November 10, 2011
According to Mike, half of those in line are locals. November 10, 2011
Roughly 500th guy on line got here wednesday night. November 10, 2011
#notetoself my humor is not usually understood. November 10, 2011
The Wan Chai Electronic Center is like the red light district of geeksterdam. November 8, 2011
Soon: DEL ✈ HKG. November 5, 2011
The desert is red, and camels are brown. November 3, 2011
OH: (French accent) “Am I alright? November 1, 2011
La visa de turista India debería incluir una caja de Loperan® October 30, 2011
The Indian equivalent of Latin “steeping on someone” is: elbow on face. October 27, 2011
The level of chaos in Chandigarh (to my western eyes) grew orders of magnitude during Diwali. October 26, 2011
The fact that if I drill hole through the center of the earth I’ll come up in Ecuador, blows my mind a bit. October 20, 2011
So many geeky stuff happening in Singapore. October 20, 2011
Change of plans: CPT ✈ DXB ✈ SIN October 15, 2011
CPT ✈ JNB ✈ HKG ✈ SIN October 15, 2011
If you tweet from a Blackberry and no one has service to read it, does it make a sound? October 12, 2011
Finally arrived at Cape Town after 40 hours. October 9, 2011
JHN → CPT by train. October 7, 2011
My sister just renegotiated the taxi fare. October 6, 2011
Helloooooooo South Africa! October 5, 2011
Somebody should make an Android phone in the shape of the teardrop xPhone 5. October 4, 2011
LHR ✈ JNB October 4, 2011
As a follower of Murphy’s Law, I shouldn’t be surprised that my 11hour wifi-less flight boards at exactly the time the iPhone event starts. October 4, 2011
Just bought some TSA approved nail clippers at the airport … and the packaging needs scissors to open. October 4, 2011
The same crew of the Caracas-San Juan is in the San Juan-NYC leg. October 3, 2011
CSS ✈ SJU ✈ JFK ✈ LHR. October 3, 2011
I’m always surprised how normal users can find the appearance settings, regardless of OS. September 30, 2011
Dreamt there was a snake eating a turtle on my bed … which I’m pretty sure means I should stop eating leftover chocolate cake before bed. September 29, 2011
Acabo de escribir un email donde pido que me confirmen un número te teléfono porque el que tengo sale “tururí”. September 28, 2011
Oh yeah … Let’s talk iPhone. September 27, 2011
Love the idea that most of my preconceived notions about a wedding celebration are about to be shattered to bits. September 25, 2011
If I could talk to my 21y/o self I’d say: “self, in 9 years remember to bend your knees when you pick up a CRT monitor”. September 23, 2011
I ♥ bacon. September 23, 2011
I may be an idiot, but I’m a knowlegaeble idiot. September 23, 2011
People never seem to understand the point of life … September 22, 2011
“Pregunte que sí hay” es el mejor eslogan de radio en los últimos 25 años. September 22, 2011
Just realized that when all cars go electric, handymen are robots and legal documents use HTML5 … Geeks will rule the world. September 19, 2011
Smart people who fake being digital idiots so they don’t have to google stuff sometimes piss me off. September 19, 2011
Note to self: I can still drink 8 beers like a 20 year old. September 18, 2011
La furia de Esteban –manifestada en tormenta– se siente sobre el municipio de Leo. September 16, 2011
The venezuelan opposition has shown patience among themselves, and more importantly, towards their constituency. September 16, 2011
Synopsis says “a funny and touching road trip…” while Genre is “Drama”. September 13, 2011
These network printers must have developed sentience and are conspiring against me. September 13, 2011
Step Out of Your Comfort Zone™ and Mind the Gap. September 13, 2011
When your puppy learns to shake = Unbearably cute. September 12, 2011
“I may not have gone where I intended to go, but I think I have ended up where I needed to be. September 12, 2011
Whoever said: “aging is a bitch, but it’s better than the alternative” hasn’t read enough Sci-Fi. September 11, 2011
10 years ago hotmail gave you 2MB of space and “planning your weekend online” probably meant queuing porn for download. September 9, 2011
“You’re so goddamned educated, doc, I knew you couldn’t be very smart. September 9, 2011
Me: 8GB (4GBx2) for $52! September 9, 2011
Q: Do you know Norwegian? September 8, 2011
The second-person narrative in Halting State reminds me of my “choose your own adventure” book era in middle school. September 7, 2011
I can now officially recommend that if you read Game of Thrones, don’t watch the TV show until you forget most of it. September 7, 2011
Punch line: the final phrase or sentence of a joke or story, providing the humor or It’s September 6, 2011
Anyone around Asia in November? September 6, 2011
Zagat/Yelp should have a “Certified Wrap Engineer” sticker. September 6, 2011
When stocks plummet, I’d like to see the smiling picture of the trader who shorted. September 5, 2011
I don’t have any fashion sense, but I do appreciate good design. September 5, 2011
Finally saw Suckerpunch. September 4, 2011
Reality is just an illusion with a really good lawyer. September 3, 2011
At some point we all realize that a spoon of salt and one of sugar don’t cancel each other out. September 2, 2011
Caracas driving gives me tourette’s September 2, 2011
A wise man once said: “What do you mean I’m facing the wrong way? September 2, 2011
Do feel it? September 2, 2011
Remember when your mom would tell you not to eat too much chocolate at night and you’d laugh? September 2, 2011
I’d pay $4. September 1, 2011
If you read “First, install MacPorts …” and close the tab, it’s thursday. September 1, 2011
If it doesn’t have a Debug option, don’t call it a “Powerful New App”. September 1, 2011
Looking for some South Africa historic fiction. August 31, 2011
If I didn’t know any better, I’d say I don’t know any better. August 31, 2011
I keep making stupid mistakes … August 31, 2011
Minimalism works both ways: it’s not only buying less stuff, but if you do buy, make it something that you won’t ever need to replace. August 30, 2011
I want my mobile to connect to desktop chat clients (2005). August 29, 2011
Back from vacation, the slogan: “Colombia: the only risk is wanting to stay” August 29, 2011
En Andrés Carne de Res Chía, y después directo al aeropuerto. August 28, 2011
Last week: “Given the past 5 days, I hope to recognize the tech industry when I come back. August 25, 2011
Turistiando en Colombia no puedo evitar pensar que a Venezuela le sobra materia prima, pero le falta mucha mercancía, para igualar. August 21, 2011
Experienced Colombian culture by having aguaardiente shots. August 20, 2011
I love my Kindle 3G. August 18, 2011
CCS ✈ BOG August 18, 2011
Reporte aeropuerto: sin duda alguna el gate con el mejor caos es vuelo a Lisboa. August 18, 2011
Taking a 10 day vacation. August 18, 2011
#AyCaracas me mentas la Madre comiendote la luz, pero te frenas para que la mami cruce frente tuyo. August 17, 2011
I’ve made a huge tiny mistake with some passwords. August 16, 2011
Need to take a shower after getting home and playing with my 5 slobbering dogs. August 16, 2011
50 minutes and a few dozen copy/paste’s into Google Translate later … my norwegian credit card is activated again. August 15, 2011
Hmm. August 15, 2011
Wow, Google buys Motorola. August 15, 2011
Party Buses: two things that make me throw-up independently —moving vehicles and alcohol— combined for maximum effect. August 13, 2011
Done with A Storm of Swords. August 13, 2011
Somedays I looks at myself in the mirror and can’t help but wonder … why didn’t I add haircut to my tasks list sooner? August 12, 2011
Crap, crap, crap, crap. August 10, 2011
Si alguna vez viste Bambi, y tienes mascotas, siempre que lavas los platos hay un momento que los vez y piensas … what if? August 8, 2011
Ironically, my iPhone has never misspelled “Damn Autocorrect”. August 5, 2011
Just wrote this on a chat to justify myself: August 3, 2011
My body must have an auto-balancing life expectancy system. August 3, 2011
My iPhone just looks up from twitter and whispers “Dumbass”. August 2, 2011
After leaving an underground parking my BlackBerry would stare at me with no signal, as if saying: August 2, 2011
Economics is engineering with currency instead of units … and low disregard for gravity, safety factor and accuracy. August 2, 2011
Not that I ever got when to use it … but Facetime is not working for me on Lion. August 1, 2011
Al parecer hay barberías que ahora abren los lunes. August 1, 2011
Wine, the answer to … most things. July 30, 2011
Ok. July 27, 2011
It amuses me to know Chavez uses this US based, venture capitalist financed, web service to manage his communist revolution. July 24, 2011
Fairness is such a human value, we dreamt up an afterlife so we could digest the most horrid injustices. July 23, 2011
In my travels, no country received me with as much goodwill as Norway. July 22, 2011
Roundup!!! July 21, 2011
Perder ganando. July 21, 2011
Regardless of the server-farm size, there must be a freaked out Sysadmin at Apple right now. July 20, 2011
A diferencia de otros, pido cadena. July 18, 2011
La Vinotinto olvido la regla #1 de transito en Venezuela: el fiscal puede decir una vaina, pero pila pa donde van los carros. July 18, 2011
A friday on the middle of July. July 15, 2011
Would Be a Great Band Name would be a lousy band name. July 15, 2011
Corrección del tweet anterior: no estas en una humanidad unida por el destino … estas en una cola de mierda llena de coño de madres toditos. July 15, 2011
Sé positivo: no estas en trafico, estas en una inmensa caravana de graduación del colegio de la vida. July 15, 2011
“Se le notifica a nuestra distinguida clientela …” es sinónimo de “Miren coño e’ madres …” July 14, 2011
You know what they say about guys with big LED displays … July 12, 2011
Death July 12, 2011
Uno a veces no sabe si es serio o aburrido. July 10, 2011
Just finished Game of Thrones. July 7, 2011
If drunk, divide outlook by 1. July 2, 2011
Cancerígenos y cancerígenas … July 1, 2011
Espero que la cadena arranque con un “Previously on Lost …” por que a mi ya se me olvido que dijo este carajo en ultimo capitulo. July 1, 2011
Traffic, It’s What’s for Dinner. June 29, 2011
Dammit, feeling so groggy. June 29, 2011
Search for news about increased gravity a failure. June 27, 2011
Kids, if you ever do the dishes after a big feast, don’t lean on the counter. June 19, 2011
Shuffle puso solito: Arjona, Franco de Vita y Mecano. June 19, 2011
Today I yelled “coming! June 12, 2011
Apple, Microsoft, Sony and now Nintendo … June 7, 2011
Seems like a good week to clean up iTunes library. June 6, 2011
Byebye #BBM. June 6, 2011
The awe in my dog’s face after yelling from a second floor: “Stop that! June 4, 2011
Might as well accept it: June 3, 2011
Just deployed a stable, nice looking and very portable solution for the fambiz. June 3, 2011
Angry drivers with Christian bumper stickers reassure me I won’t be alone in hell. June 3, 2011
If you fail to grasp the importance of extending my WiFi … I can now tweet from the bathroom. May 26, 2011
Just extended my WRT-54g WiFi range with new Airport Express via WDS. May 25, 2011
Also, a bit annoyed that none of the kids wearing these sneaker boots don’t get my Back to the Future jokes. May 25, 2011
Only reason I’ve noticed that Reebok boots are making a comeback is ’cause my brain keeps saying “Recalculating decade” every few hours. May 25, 2011
Airport security checkpoints take so long that you can easily workout the process. May 25, 2011
If Pawn Stars has taught me anything, is that ending a negotiation meeting with a quick “No” … will never be followed by a commercial. May 24, 2011
CCS ✈ SJU May 22, 2011
Drank, danced and was merry … bring on the #rapture. May 21, 2011
Kcuf |kākˈôf|: May 20, 2011
There’s something not quite stable about Ubuntu 11. May 19, 2011
Relativity: how saying “it will be ready by End of Work Week” sounds reasonable on Monday vs. May 19, 2011
Sometimes you win more by loosing the argument. May 6, 2011
If you think you’re funny, you could be. May 4, 2011
Either Apple’s Dock Connector USB cables reproduce, or I’ve bought a LOT more iPod/iPhones that I’m aware off. May 3, 2011
I’m pretty sure no monk that reached enlightenment had a drivers license. May 1, 2011
Dreamt I had proof of alien life. April 25, 2011
Understanding my destiny, I started to rise and … WHAM! April 16, 2011
Personal Hitchcock moment: Reach for toothbrush and notice it isn’t dry. April 16, 2011
Being online used to mean you where in front of a computer. April 15, 2011
Ok. April 14, 2011
Turns out that Magenta is ALSO A COLOR (and not just a manly way to say pink). April 14, 2011
I’ve just been told that “beige” is an actual color, and not a conglomerate of lesser know ones. April 14, 2011
There’s a possibility that DSL will be installed at my parents place today. April 12, 2011
crasve |kras āv| verb collide violently with the realization that the Save button caused the crash… without saving. April 8, 2011
Electricidad de vuelta en Chacao, pero tengo el presentimiento que #sinluz será trending topic este verano. April 7, 2011
#sinluz Chacao. April 7, 2011
Never mind, also not working with Safari or Firefox. April 4, 2011
Unholy shit, what a crappy day. March 24, 2011
Absorbing presentation design + deadline + chocolate bar next to keyboard + 90 minutes = unexpected stomach ache. March 22, 2011
“The installation procedure for Aces Patch B requires that your hard drive have about 3 megabytes (MB) of available disk space. March 22, 2011
5 hours after scorpion bite, the only superpower I have is a new nervous tick that makes me shake like the Macarena if I feel a crawling. March 9, 2011
Watching the Apple liveblog on the my iPad 1 feels like reading Maxim with your girlfriend in the room. March 2, 2011
Mi iPhone tiene auto-detecta el wifi de el Alazán de Altamira. February 27, 2011
I wish BIOS makers knew how to make subliminal messages. February 23, 2011
Mail: “Important Tax Return Document Enclosed”. February 22, 2011
Don’t know if it’s a thing, but #ODIS February 20, 2011
I tend to forget things when I drink. February 19, 2011
Doing some demographic grafx for a presentation. February 18, 2011
Very sure the next world war will start because somebody left an empty carton of milk on the fridge. February 14, 2011
When the flying insect makes a noticeable shadow, it’s time to get the heck out of there. February 11, 2011
I always logout from my bank account with two distinct attitudes: February 11, 2011
Another great BlackBerry feature: self-aware recycle procedure at kernel-level. February 4, 2011
I should have known when bitching about no hot water, that there’ll be no water a few seconds later. February 4, 2011
Hmmm, update this manually or waste 15min messing with . February 2, 2011
If you take the backroads in your commute, give way to those leaving home. February 2, 2011
“Marvin: I’ve been talking to the main computer. February 1, 2011
Que sabroso es comer sabroso. January 30, 2011
A smoke in the middle of the night provides no answers… January 29, 2011
Using twitter/facebook/internet for anything less than a massive democratic revolution seems like a banal endeavor today. January 28, 2011
I have about two dozen effects at my disposal to make a photo appear old and analog. January 25, 2011
I could never be a F1 driver. January 24, 2011
27 Km/h January 19, 2011
Not a cloud in the sky, 24°C. January 19, 2011
Like a Pixar movie, the iPad is quickly developing two plots: a simple touch and go UI, and a powerful gesture language for pro-users. January 14, 2011
We all tend to imagine that great things come from people doing great things, but I think most of the time great things come from people just fucking around. January 14, 2011
Finally playing with MacAppStore and Tweetie 2. January 10, 2011
I finished reading Peter F. January 6, 2011
If you’ve ever read Sci-Fi short stories from the 60’s, the time to start freaking out is right about … now. December 31, 2010
Con suéter por Caracas, 15min de Altamira al Cafetal y entrando al cine de Plaza. December 30, 2010
There is no spoon. December 30, 2010
Drinking your sorrows away is stupid … but sorrowing your drink? December 29, 2010
“I think I made a huge mistake …” December 19, 2010
I have the luck of loving my Dad unconditionally AND being infinitely proud of him. December 18, 2010
“we’re so glad people from the old-guard showed up”. December 17, 2010
____```_______`/`___|`/`_`\/`___|` `\___`\|`|`|`\___`\`)||||___)| |____/_/|____/` ```````````````` December 17, 2010
█████ ██ █ ████ libertad ███ █████ no█████ ████ ████ es ████ ███ █ ██████ negociable. December 17, 2010
Sometimes somebody asks exactly the right question. December 16, 2010
The best mirror is an old friend. December 16, 2010
█████ ██ █ ████ todo ███ █████ es█████ ████ ████ bueno ████ ███ █ ██████ama. December 14, 2010
Yikes, the friend which most recently shared a location in Google Latitude was 476 days ago. December 13, 2010
Any recos for a good/affordable VPN provider for small groups? December 13, 2010
If AA leaves 2 of my bags ’cause the plane was “too heavy”, can I charge them $100 per bag? December 11, 2010
The trouble with the 1980’s as compared with the 1970’s is that teenagers no longer rebel and leave home. December 9, 2010
CCS ✈ SJU December 4, 2010
Dear diary: something crazy happened today, I … wait a sec, this is twitter! December 3, 2010
Note to self: the last scraps in a bag of salted nuts is … salt. December 2, 2010
Me: “I’m not rich enough to use the iPad naked”. December 2, 2010
Caracas: ciudad con falla de borde. November 30, 2010
/// / / / / / / /// / // / / // / / / / // /// / /// / / / // ☂ // /// / November 30, 2010
Weirdest thing, my MacBook wouldn’t recognize my password today. November 25, 2010
I 1/♥ CCS November 24, 2010
Seldom has an “EZ Open” package delivered on its promise. November 15, 2010
Having the iPhone, iPad and MacBook on the same room when an appt alarm goes off, reminds of the Millenium Falcon cockpit before a crash. November 14, 2010
Best thing about a Sunday morning run? November 14, 2010
Liked Due Date. November 13, 2010
Talking on Skype to do some remote work. November 9, 2010
Yikes, two gory motorcycle accidents on a 3Km highway stretch. November 5, 2010
Voy a estar pendiente eventualmente en mercadolibre, pero si por casualidad alguien le ofrecen uno de estos juguetes a buen precio … ping me November 4, 2010
#QueLadilla. November 4, 2010
Creo que soy un racista urbano: odio esta ciudad, pero no tengo argumentos que no sean prejuicios. November 3, 2010
¿No te da pena? October 31, 2010
Ahora sí que el sector privado no va a construir ni un policía acostado en Venezuela. October 31, 2010
Was voted head of the energy, water and gas committee of my commune. October 31, 2010
This is a public service announcement: October 26, 2010
DCA ✈ MIA ✈ CCS October 25, 2010
Ouch! October 23, 2010
Oh, btw. October 22, 2010
Forgot to mention that I saw The Social Network last night. October 16, 2010
SJU ✈ MIA October 16, 2010
I’ve seen the future, and I owe him money. October 9, 2010
A cold sweat appears when I read the error: “Please contact your domain administrator…” October 8, 2010
“I feel it in my fingers, I feel it in my toes. October 8, 2010
Brain hurts and heart shakes its head. October 8, 2010
Anybody know of a certified Norwegian→English translator? October 7, 2010
“Great minds discuss ideas. October 4, 2010
No quiero que la oposición sea un solo partido, pero sí quiero que se inscriban bajo una sola opción para el 2012 #avisados. September 30, 2010
iPhone volume level when connected to car: 100% September 29, 2010
W00t! September 28, 2010
Don’t know about you, but some of us are celebrating. September 27, 2010
Have faith #26S. September 27, 2010
#dedomorado + 1. September 26, 2010
As I turn 29, I’m reminded of all the successful communist states that have appeared during my lifetime. September 26, 2010
As I turn 29, I wonder: “if Venezuela’s inflation is 30%, does that mean I’m 1% younger than most product prices? September 26, 2010
As I turn 29, I look back and think: “shit, that guy is following me” September 26, 2010
Feel the Rhythm, Feel the Rhyme, Get on up, Facebook. September 23, 2010
Playing around with iOS 4. September 23, 2010
The best thing about so many eBook readers everywhere, is that –for the first time– no one told me to turn mine off during takeoff. September 21, 2010
I hate writing formal emails in spanish. September 20, 2010
Mother fucker. September 17, 2010
Travels Debrief September 16, 2010
LHR ✈ MIA ✈ CCS September 16, 2010
About to watch: Scott Pilgrim Vs. September 15, 2010
A lady with a Kindle 3 sat next to me on the train. September 12, 2010
Just had tap wine and bottled water. September 11, 2010
London → Paris September 8, 2010
Back to reality, don’t forget fantasy September 5, 2010
My dad on why he travels to certain places on his vacations: September 5, 2010
When in doubt, order the house wine. September 5, 2010
If you’re having a great time with your family in Borough Market, DO NOT go to www. September 4, 2010
So ashamed. August 31, 2010
Boston ✈ London ✈ Istanbul. August 24, 2010
Some people are born 2 shots behind. August 21, 2010
Gotta love somebody who describes his nephew as a “care-bear on acid”. August 21, 2010
At my first American wedding rehearsal dinner. August 21, 2010
I’m at my most spiriytual on the back of a Boston cab. August 20, 2010
West Palm Beach ✈ Boston August 19, 2010
Just dreamt I was “at home” in Oslo. August 19, 2010
San Juan ✈ Miami August 15, 2010
Serious family business talk + mojitos + Peruvian restaurant = funniest food order mom has ever made. August 14, 2010
Need to leave Puerto Rico soon. August 14, 2010
Caracas ✈ San Juan, PR August 11, 2010
And by live, I mean life. August 10, 2010
Everyone should buy an one-way ticket sometime in their live. August 10, 2010
¿Alguien sabe algún local en la zona Hatillo - Los Naranjos con wifi decente? August 4, 2010
After hearing my first two songs: “Hurts like Listerine” and “5 blades agains my cheek”, my manager told me to stop writing in the shower. July 30, 2010
Do you ever try to use The Force to pull your iPhone from across the room? July 29, 2010
Friend, I absolutely respect your spiritual beliefs, not your FWD emails on the topic. July 28, 2010
Dreamt I was late for my final physics exam. July 25, 2010
Kids, always remember to keep your distance from the car with vomit on the driver’s door. July 24, 2010
Few things suck my time –and I enjoy as much– as when a friend asks: Which Windows Laptop should I buy for $900? July 21, 2010
I think my friends are getting tired of me saying “I have good news and bad news”. July 19, 2010
Creo que el próximo debería ser Páez, y de ahí un esqueleto de Presidente cada dos semanas. July 17, 2010
Watching my grandmother struggle with her DVD player makes me wish bad thoughts for some genius UX designer. July 15, 2010
Como diría mi abuela: “mierda que pea”. July 10, 2010
¡Ay Caracas! July 8, 2010
Screams, fireworks, people singing and car horns playing. July 7, 2010
Outsmarted by an octopus. July 7, 2010
Friends, Romans, countrymen, lend me your ears … fuck, I lost my notes. July 7, 2010
I’m reading a book about being productive while working remotely, and I keep falling asleep. July 5, 2010
Oyendo este partido me siento como en el 12 de Abril. July 3, 2010
If you tell me “look at the bright side” and don’t get -or care- about my Monty Python reference … don’t waste your time, I have principles July 2, 2010
Being a geek is all about focusing «How? July 1, 2010
5 hour wait to apply for new passport was rewarded with an all-you-can-eat Brazilian place in the middle of nowhere. June 30, 2010
En las próximas 24 horas se va a joder una comida: o no se puede salir a cenar, o ni de broma me paro en una panadería a desayunar. June 29, 2010
Haven’t laughed that hard in a movie theater in a while: The A-Team rocks (★★★★☆) June 29, 2010
My internet connection is so slow, this bad joke still needs 25 minutes to download. June 28, 2010
Btw, viva Mexico! June 27, 2010
I think the US leaves as an accepted member of the football world. June 26, 2010
Now back to the regular geeky programing, for any follower I have left. June 26, 2010
There is a 50% chance this marriage will produce a Chicago Cubs fan. June 26, 2010
The web detox has been mostly good over the last week, but I’m getting withdrawal symptoms now. June 25, 2010
No sane person should live under these internet speeds. June 25, 2010
2 hours and 20 minutes to download 378MB. June 21, 2010
Off to bed. June 21, 2010
The huge butterfly in my bathroom wall is either: June 21, 2010
The Story gets told. June 20, 2010
Dad tries to get out of something (which he never does either way) ’cause “it’s my day” … June 20, 2010
Fathers Day Lunch Bingo: June 20, 2010
MIA✈CCS June 18, 2010
I just had a “brownie filled cookie”. June 17, 2010
This Is Not A Business Card June 16, 2010
I think Safari 5 has a money saving mode. June 16, 2010
A Month in the US of A June 15, 2010
Safari 5 really becomes unstable with some extension combinations. June 15, 2010
“un poema de tres letras, Gol! June 14, 2010
When the iPhone autocorrects “Thongs” when you meant “things”, get ready for a Chevy Chase type conversation. June 12, 2010
I’m getting geeky old: I have access to the iOS 4 gold build, but don’t want to mess with my iPhone on a weekday. June 8, 2010
Made my first Par today! June 5, 2010
My brain has created very powerful adversaries to beat for jogging: ice in Oslo, lighting in Miami, or criminals in Caracas. June 4, 2010
I need either $100k more or 10Kg less to live in this city. June 3, 2010
The death of the Newton has been avenged by the killer himself. June 2, 2010
Just spent 45min helping a friend who lost an important file in a USB drive boot sector crash. June 1, 2010
Mix: Very sunny 12 hour bike ride, t-shirt, helmet and gloves. June 1, 2010
Ha-harr-rrle-ey’s ar-are fuun-n, but-t-t, th-they vibrrrrat-te-te a lot-tt. May 31, 2010
I love  rumors that basically mention everything that hasn’t being updated during the last 6 months. May 28, 2010
I can begin to understand friends who are expecting a baby. May 27, 2010
Years ago, I was convinced that Computer Viruses where germs, bacteria, and yes, viruses. May 26, 2010
Deleting all my playlist in iTunes and creating new ones. May 26, 2010
On June 7, you have an appointment with a couple of Apple liveblogging sites. May 24, 2010
Pizza, pizza, just delivered, Thanks for being so considerate. May 24, 2010
Turns out I’m worse at golf than pool. May 22, 2010
Holy humidity batman! May 21, 2010
Two Advils and a Blue Moon. May 21, 2010
Folders in iPhone OS 4. May 21, 2010
Time for new sunglasses: ducked to avoid a big something that was coming at me from the sky. May 20, 2010
Cool to see everyone playing with there new HTC Evo around Google IO May 20, 2010
Train rides have a duality to them; the rural scenery is beatiful, yet the the urban areas are usually sad and forgotten. May 20, 2010
Taking the Coast Starlight train from Seattle to San Francisco. May 19, 2010
Yes Apple, I want an iPad. May 18, 2010
Just finished Enders Game on top of the Seattle space needle. May 17, 2010
Boston ✈ Seattle. May 17, 2010
The MobileMe Mail Beta is actually pretty nice. May 17, 2010
With regards to accesories, the nook seems to be considerably ahead of the Kindle. May 16, 2010
You know the Monty Python sketch where the fat guy blows up after one final bite? May 16, 2010
The people’s republic of Cambridge: a place where crazy people, intelectuals and nerds take part in a experiment. May 13, 2010
App is the new . May 12, 2010
BTW, even with a 9 hour layover in Paris, #AirFrance managed to leave my bag there. May 10, 2010
In Boston! May 10, 2010
Just reserved my iPad 3G 32Gb. May 10, 2010
Little known fact: french versions of apps only install if you click “No” in the End Users License Agreement. May 9, 2010
Never thought I’d call “home” a place in such a faraway land. May 9, 2010
Just said final goodbyes. May 8, 2010
Kick-Ass: Never has a movie title better described my review. May 8, 2010
#PackingNotes: with everything in the van you’ll go and get your wallet. May 5, 2010
#PackingNotes: That sturdy beer glass you’ve had for more than a year, will suddenly become fragile. May 5, 2010
#PackingNotes: remember that ziplock with incense candles you left on top of the bookshelf? May 5, 2010
#PackingNotes: You’ll suddenly realize a dozen people will notice you misspelled “kitschen” in one of the boxes. May 5, 2010
#PackingNotes: clothes hangers are intelligent beings. May 5, 2010
#PackingNotes: I have enough sweaters to survive a winter in Pluto. May 5, 2010
There must be a glitch in the Matrix - snow in may? May 4, 2010
Iron Man 2: not as great as the first one, but not a franchise killer (★★★☆☆) May 2, 2010
Ouch. May 2, 2010
Everybody is claiming support for HTML5 as a way to weaken Adobe Flash before pushing their own agenda. April 30, 2010
It’s getting tiring to write “… iPhones, iPods and iPads” every damn time. April 29, 2010
Adobe really needs to have an amazing Flash version for Android soon, or embrace HTML5. April 29, 2010
Taxes filled. April 29, 2010
Back in Oslo after a month. April 28, 2010
Damn, I was counting on WWDC being on late June. April 28, 2010
Sleepless after an afternoon of kidnapping horror stories. April 26, 2010
Que sabroso es votar. April 25, 2010
Impresionante como “¿muerto quiere misa? April 24, 2010
There is something really fun about bringing a 5 y/o laptop back to life, and setting it up “just right” April 24, 2010
Any recommendation of international movers in Europe? April 21, 2010
Missed. April 21, 2010
Madrid, amazing friends, great weather, and abundant food and caña. April 12, 2010
Y ahora a ver a los madrileños estresados en el segundo tiempo. April 10, 2010
Walked around city. April 9, 2010
In Genoa. April 3, 2010
I know that in India, if you’re one in a million, there are 1100 people just like you … April 1, 2010
Ahh Paris, the city where you can eat deliciously without paying too mu … WTF? April 1, 2010
In Paris. April 1, 2010
AMS → PAR. March 31, 2010
Breast of a monkey = ahpe teet March 30, 2010
Marry me = Traumah March 30, 2010
Do you swallow or spit? March 30, 2010
Top 3 useful phrases from the cityspy. March 30, 2010
Off to South Europe March 29, 2010
OSL ✈ AMS March 29, 2010
Need a soundtrack for the next two weeks. March 28, 2010
Fantastic Mr Fox March 25, 2010
Testing geolocation on Twitter. March 25, 2010
An open Facebook March 24, 2010
phew, just made a big credit card payment. March 24, 2010
When I see a new iMac I’m convinced the iMac+iPad combo just makes sense. March 24, 2010
Amazon’s Kindle passive-aggressive ads against iPad: Easy to read, even on bright sunlight. March 23, 2010
Seriously considering quitting Facebook for a personal tumblr blog. March 21, 2010
Happy about tomorrow chill plans. March 19, 2010
It is done. March 19, 2010
Book publishers: some “people” won’t just buy the paperback when the eBook is unavailable. March 19, 2010
Europe has 731 million people speaking 23 languages. March 18, 2010
Not artsy enough for today’s concert at Blå. March 16, 2010
“the simplest explanation is usually the right one” vs. March 14, 2010
Don’t worry, given my skills, I won’t be able to say no. March 12, 2010
If you’re reading this tweet from Boston in 2007. March 12, 2010
Some emails can knock your air out. March 11, 2010
Really beautiful day in Oslo. March 9, 2010
About to see in 3D how deep the rabbit hole goes. March 7, 2010
Just heard some great news from great friends. March 3, 2010
Done for the night. March 2, 2010
About 40 screenshots to go #1050isgonnarock March 1, 2010
Always remember: when in doubt, restart. February 28, 2010
If you’re ever cooking, and for the life of you - suddenly can’t find the recipe book. February 27, 2010
Previous tweet misunderstood. February 25, 2010
Cold, dark and snowy. February 25, 2010
If I don’t have the skills to fill my competence skills in the #ERP system, should I just take the hint? February 25, 2010
Trying out an US layout keyboard again after two years. February 25, 2010
Just had an uplifting chat about possible future plans with a good friend. February 24, 2010
I’m wary of websites that put the US on top of the country pull-down list. February 23, 2010
Can’t believe I hadn’t seen Kiss Kiss Bang Bang before. February 21, 2010
Ender’s Game is the first book on my reading list not available for the Kindle. February 20, 2010
Just finished The Girl Who Played with Fire. February 20, 2010
Less that half-way through, and today’s work day sucks. February 19, 2010
Snowboarding was great! February 18, 2010
Thinking of a Web browser with integrated keylogger. February 14, 2010
“There are several good protections against temptation, but the surest is cowardice. February 14, 2010
Doing benchmarks is so much fun when you win. February 8, 2010
Damn. February 4, 2010
The idea that a package sent from Florida on monday arrived two days later still baffles me. February 3, 2010
I hate PayPal so much. February 2, 2010
Unlike the iPhoneOS, OS X and Windows are full of UI dead-ends. February 1, 2010
Feliz Dia Palíndromo! February 1, 2010
Keep thinking that  is trying to tell us what we don’t wanna hear: January 30, 2010
Could the iPad’s 3G weird Micro Sim be more about an iPod touch 3G? January 29, 2010
There should never be a Sync button on an App. January 29, 2010
Remember to reset your iPhone if it’s acting up. January 28, 2010
I dreamt about the Apple tablet last night. January 21, 2010
TechCrunch: Will Next Week’s Apple Event Finally Bring Background Apps To The iPhone? January 19, 2010
Propuesta: marcar con #sinluz los reportes de corte de electricidad en Venezuela. January 13, 2010
Handyman inability: January 11, 2010
Got Win7 with Boxee up and running on Acer Revo. January 9, 2010
Back in Oslo. January 7, 2010
Happy new year/decade everyone. January 1, 2010
Well, I think everything is done. December 21, 2009
Aww crap. December 20, 2009
I think world leaders have not seen enough “killer asteroid” type movies. December 19, 2009
Having a not-great day. December 17, 2009
Just ordered me-dad and me-self two Kindle’s for Xmas. December 16, 2009
Twitter is finding out about “things” before some mailinglists. December 15, 2009
seriously considering opening a new mail account just for humans. December 12, 2009
Questions to answer on any project doc: December 9, 2009
Google CEO: “If you have something that you don’t want anyone to know, maybe you shouldn’t be doing it in the first place” #idonthavesex December 8, 2009
Just used “iffy” in a troubleshooting email reply. December 8, 2009
Every time you put a target date in a roadmap, an angel loses its wings. December 7, 2009
I had completely forgotten that the tv was announced the same day as the iPhone. December 3, 2009
The weather sponsored test for foreigners in Norway is over. December 1, 2009
MacBook media center won’t start again. November 29, 2009
Girl who was walking really fast and turning around in front of me. November 28, 2009
Never judge a book by its cover. November 25, 2009
Lost returns 2/2/2010 9pm EST. November 21, 2009
Just got my Google Wave invite. November 20, 2009
Happy to find out PS3 games are region free (unlike Blu-ray movies). November 18, 2009
If “Office Plant Police” is ever made into a TV Show, I’ll be in deep trouble. November 18, 2009
Starting to loose geek creed with friends when they ask if I have Google Wave invites. November 16, 2009
movie / destruction level / responsible: independence day / 50% / aliens Day after 2morrow / 80% / humans 2012 / 99. November 15, 2009
Oslo sentrum on Sunday morning is a vomit minefield. November 15, 2009
However you call it: ratón, resaca, cruda, guayabo, hangover or fyllesyke. November 14, 2009
Every time I say “it’s snowing, it’s snowing. November 13, 2009
Twitter should have a friday night filter. November 13, 2009
#propuestapais: Diez mil bibliotecas. November 5, 2009
S’noooooooooooooo’w November 4, 2009
«emailing is not work» That’s why engineering types write short and nasty ones and marketing types write long and flamboyant ones. October 29, 2009
Feeling kinda of dirty for using iWeb on a site project I’m helping out on. October 22, 2009
Can anybody suggest good Windows software product pages? October 21, 2009
Just ordered my first Pizza online in Oslo. October 20, 2009
Random thought: a black bear with insomnia during hibernation must be really bored. October 18, 2009
Going to People’s for brunch/lunch. October 18, 2009
Yikes! October 12, 2009
It’s past 7am in the East Coast. October 9, 2009
Oslo’s duty free creates a conundrum: I need to spend to save money. October 5, 2009
Flying to London for the weekend. October 2, 2009
Just bought online Assassin’s Creed and Little Big Planet for my new PS3. September 29, 2009
What a hellish day. September 28, 2009
Health, love, family and friends (here, there and everywhere). September 27, 2009
#fall09TV List: The Big Bang Theory, How I met your mother, The Mentalist, Mad Men, Psych, Bored To Death, Two and a Half Men September 22, 2009
If your iPhone displays all incoming calls as an “Unknown Caller” check with your provider. September 22, 2009
Kinda of ashamed of how much I enjoy coming to ikea September 18, 2009
Don’t know why I trust small companies more than big ones: just deleted my mint. September 18, 2009
Back in Oslo. September 10, 2009
Sarps b-day party was incre-wait for it-dible. August 29, 2009
Leaving for turkey! August 27, 2009
Sometimes I appreciate the productivity elegance of not answering an email. August 25, 2009
Least fun part of the job: taking screenshots in Windows Vista machine. August 21, 2009
MacBook mediacenter now up and running again with Snow Leopard + Miro + Boxee. August 21, 2009
Country compatibility check #7: You’re the scary one in a dark alley. August 20, 2009
Editing actual content in XML is like, like, hmmm. August 20, 2009
A blank canvas paralyzes me. August 20, 2009
I hate DVD media so much. August 19, 2009
Took hard drive out. August 18, 2009
Media center MacBook just died. August 18, 2009
It’s alive!!! August 17, 2009
Rework took a bit longer than expected, but happy with the results. August 17, 2009
I actually like the blue dots #opera10 August 14, 2009
If anyone sees my brain, please tell it to report back to the mezzanine. August 7, 2009
Parents 30th anniversary. August 4, 2009
RT “Aristóbulo, pasame el Twitter ese para escribirle a esa gente”- “Señor Presidente, solo acepta 140 caracteres” - “Coño” #freemediave August 1, 2009
Yikes. July 29, 2009
5 years after watching it (twice) in theaters, The Matrix Reloaded still does not deserve to be called a sequel. July 29, 2009
Video chatting with my dad in Caracas. July 28, 2009
There is a simple moment of blissfulness when something compiles without errors ↩︎ July 23, 2009
Manually backing up old blog posts for website update. July 22, 2009
Breakfast or lunch? July 19, 2009
Lots of noise. July 17, 2009
You say tomato, I say we stopped talking about fruits and vegetables a few days ago. July 16, 2009
brive. July 16, 2009
Just realized that background notifications don’t work in my unlocked iPhone. July 15, 2009
La peor parte de la Censura es ♒♒♒ ♒♒♒♒ #FreeMediaVe July 13, 2009
“Our liberty depends on the freedom of the press, and that cannot be limited without being lost” ~ Thomas Jefferson #FreeMediaVe July 13, 2009
Surprised of how much I liked Ice Age 3. July 12, 2009
inbox zero! July 10, 2009
“You can’t tolerate the facts” #1stdraftmovielines July 10, 2009
Weekend rafting in Sjoa was super fun. July 6, 2009
Newsweek article prompted me to start working again on an idea about a social network for vzlan expats. July 2, 2009
phew, now that Raúl Castro is in Nicaragua we can finally have a productive discussion regarding democracy in Honduras. June 30, 2009
Transformers 2 is 148 minutes too long [★★] June 28, 2009
Creativity dissolves when you tell somebody what needs to be done. June 22, 2009
rum with iced tea makes the clouds go away. June 21, 2009
Had whale steak last weekend and elk burgers last night. June 20, 2009
Hmm. June 18, 2009
Rainy day in Oslo. June 18, 2009
OS 3. June 17, 2009
It was a long day. June 15, 2009
Looks like tomorrow is going to be a loooong day. June 14, 2009
please work. June 9, 2009
Pretty sure I’m sitting this #iPhone out also. June 8, 2009
They seemed to have fixed all my complaints with my MacBook 13in. June 8, 2009
✔ inbox 0 ✔ cleared desktops ✔ weekly log ✔ updated task list ✔ ready for weenend ✖ beer time June 5, 2009
the #tvshow Mental is really bad. June 4, 2009
bought mocha beans dipped in chocolate to “curb sugar craving at work”. June 4, 2009
#opera10 tip: Double-click on the handle below the tabs to fully show/hide visual tabs June 3, 2009
Thoughts go out to the Atlantic Ocean #FlightAF447 June 1, 2009
Healthy wrap place around the corner from office is turning into a spicy kebab and pizza. June 1, 2009
Darn. May 28, 2009
Back at work. May 27, 2009
Hmm. May 16, 2009
Weird, twitpic points to another pic than the one I took. May 13, 2009
Really liked the Star Trek movie. May 10, 2009
Gonna write a userscript that searches thepiratebay. May 4, 2009
… Or maybe they’re convinced that no flu can survive aquavit. May 3, 2009
On plane full of norwegians. May 3, 2009
Leaving for Paris to meetup with sis and mum. April 30, 2009
How gullible. April 29, 2009
Another person told me I spoke english with scandinavian accent! April 26, 2009
Arrived in London. April 24, 2009
Btw, I think I solved the Riemann Hypothesis in a napkin. April 24, 2009
Leaving for a weekend in London. April 24, 2009
Let me say this in the nicest way possible: the new Aluminum MacBook battery sucks ass vs. April 24, 2009
iPhone completely locked up when I unplugged headphones. April 22, 2009
I think it’s officially time to put away the winter jacket. April 17, 2009
As more early majority friends join Twitter I see a future with two accounts. April 17, 2009
“Service Pack 2 adds the ability to open, edit and save documents in version 1. April 15, 2009
Leaving Boston for Oslo. April 14, 2009
thank u “md” open wifi. April 12, 2009
Walking around Cambridge-Boston. April 8, 2009
Leaving Peter Luger. April 5, 2009
In cab to NYC. April 3, 2009
It took a couple of trips to realize that the international security point in oslo airport is to keep people out of the duty free. April 2, 2009
Start spreading the news … In Iceland, next stop: NYC!!! April 2, 2009
In mobile monday oslo. March 30, 2009
What a dumbass. March 26, 2009
“All of this has happened before, and it will all happen again. March 23, 2009
Undo Send, Drunk email Filter, Calendar gadget. March 20, 2009
Good friends are made obvious with simple actions. March 14, 2009
This was a weird week at work. March 13, 2009
“Forever’s not so long” nice short film. March 12, 2009
Down again. March 10, 2009
Site is back up. March 10, 2009
Going to Watchmen tonight. March 7, 2009
Having a blanding beer (half pilsner, half bayer) in the northernmost brewery in the world. February 27, 2009
After 8 months in Oslo I finally found a rude and useless Norwegian. February 25, 2009
There is excitement in the office Quake Live I see a few working late days in the future February 23, 2009
My life just flashed before my eyes. February 19, 2009
Did find a website to get both a library card AND pay my hunting license fee. February 18, 2009
Damnation! February 18, 2009
Damnation. February 13, 2009
Beautiful and cold day in Oslo (-15C). February 12, 2009
I officially reached adulthood: just bought a dryer for my apartment. January 31, 2009
Tip: if you wanna meet the head of security of wroclaw airport, bring a tempur-pedic travel pillow in your hand bad. January 24, 2009
In Poland. January 21, 2009
Venezuelan pianist playing with Yo-Yo Ma in inauguration right now (Gabriela Montero) January 20, 2009
Arrived home. January 13, 2009
Ccs-Fra flight delayed. January 12, 2009
Radio interview in about 1 minute to talk about Opera (90. January 10, 2009
Movistar iPhone 3G unlock: epic fail January 9, 2009
I think I just unlocked my first iPhone 3G. January 9, 2009
A good source in movistar told me that the Bold numbers completly overshadowed iPhone 3G launch here. January 2, 2009
Blackberry Messenger network effects in Venezuela are impressive. January 2, 2009
finally upgraded to wordpress 2. December 22, 2008
Simple iPhone sync just went to hell. December 18, 2008
I would be so rich if I had to fill out expense reports for my personal life. December 18, 2008
Long and tiring day in Sandvika mall. December 13, 2008
Oslo, Dec 8th. December 8, 2008
Hit the snooze button two hours ago. December 8, 2008
Fucking pissed. December 4, 2008
in a Bavarian party. November 25, 2008
Most senile moment in my life: just went into the storage room, pickup a bag and … lost the fragging lock which was in my hand. November 22, 2008
yes store. November 17, 2008
MacBook trackpad update seems to be working great. November 17, 2008
Frag. November 16, 2008
www. November 14, 2008
Just setup a rsync script that runs every hour with launchd, and moves downloaded “content” by afp to hacked AppleTV. November 11, 2008
I was at the market with my Red Sox cap on and the checkout guy asked me “are you happy with the election? November 6, 2008
I’ve been having an usability discussion with my snooze button in the last week. November 6, 2008
W00t! November 4, 2008
Just ate horse meat. October 31, 2008
O shite. October 29, 2008
Went to gym for a run. October 25, 2008
Back in Oslo. October 24, 2008
In Scotland. October 19, 2008
in London. October 18, 2008
New Macbook is in the bag. October 18, 2008
Dammit! October 17, 2008
Apple Store Bristol doesn’t have new MacBooks yet. October 15, 2008
Thanks to everyone that showed up at University College of London and those who tagged along to Nordic Bar. October 13, 2008
Having a pint on an old style English pub under the big ben talking about universal healthcare. October 12, 2008
Jogged for an hour. October 11, 2008
Best t-shirt I saw in Bergen. September 29, 2008
There are many reasons why I never forget that the iPhone has real OS. September 28, 2008
Wall-E, Terminator, The Matrix and Battlestar Galactica: the robot uprising has been pre-announced September 20, 2008
Finally going to watch wall-e! September 20, 2008
The Rev3 HD streaming on the AppleTV is amazingly fast. September 18, 2008
The only way to say something nice about my haircut is to tell people who are staring: “it’s art” September 18, 2008
Going to ☾. September 17, 2008
Sat down on the couch and MacBook shutoff. September 14, 2008
Holy toledo, X-Plane is out for the iPhone!!! September 13, 2008
15min with new AppleTV. September 13, 2008
New iPhone 2. September 12, 2008
Front Row Update out. September 9, 2008
Ok eReader, I have unsubscribed from your mailing list 4 times. September 4, 2008
Calendar and email push in MobileMe are definitely not working for me September 4, 2008
No suprise. September 4, 2008
End of an era. September 3, 2008
Found Dr. September 2, 2008
Ok. September 1, 2008
Fascinated and scared shitless by the fact that I’m sitting in the balcony of my rented apt (for a year) in Norway. August 29, 2008
Praise the lords of kobol! August 26, 2008
Looking back on my life, I can honestly say: I don’t think that chocolate pudding was such a great idea August 19, 2008
unappreciated details of life: try asking for baby powder in a language you don’t know. August 18, 2008
unappreciated details of life: being able to read what the checkout register says. August 15, 2008
The Taco Pizza is the most delicious innovation in the pizza world since pepperoni. August 12, 2008
Playing around with squarespace. August 10, 2008
I just bought cheese in a supermarket in Oslo. August 7, 2008
Sometimes you have to suppress that “WTF am I doing here! August 7, 2008
On my way to Oslo. August 6, 2008
La atención de CaracasHosting. July 31, 2008
unlocking dad’s iPhone … everything looking good for now July 28, 2008
Done with AT&T. July 21, 2008
I’ve been on hold for 20 minutes trying to get a way to pay AT&T an early cancellation fee from oversea. July 21, 2008
Taking pictures of babies is a bad idea. July 21, 2008
Running iPhoneOS 2 in Venezuela with Digitel. July 20, 2008
hulu. June 10, 2008
gad-da’mit Boston. June 8, 2008
maybe Strikthree. June 4, 2008
can’t help thinking TB Rays pitcher Balfour needs new name. June 4, 2008
at Red Sox game. June 3, 2008
How in the bloody hell does a post that only says Twitter! May 26, 2008
I think I’m gonna give up on Spook Country. May 26, 2008
Mars Phoenix landed!!! May 25, 2008
Just noticed that my building is in the background of a CD cover of The Mighty Mighty Bosstones May 24, 2008
Making two running playlists: /Pumped and /Plateau. May 23, 2008
Just accepted Product Manager position at Opera Software. May 23, 2008
Eg forstår ikkje is going to be part of my vocabulary soon. May 22, 2008
Officially a MSIS and MBA. May 19, 2008
That was a very fun party. May 18, 2008
parents are here for graduation May 17, 2008
holy shit, Ars Wired? May 16, 2008
Playing around with textmate and textile on the blog. May 16, 2008
Initially I was convert my 1st rev Macbook to a media thingy adter buying the upcoming version. May 14, 2008
vespa along the charles with emi on the back. May 8, 2008
Emily llega hoy!!! April 30, 2008
Back in Boston April 29, 2008
I’m pretty sure the Oslo airport was designed by IKEA April 29, 2008
Thanks to everyone that sent good wishes. April 28, 2008
7 interviews. April 28, 2008
unlike the other museums, the science/tech one is only in norwegean. April 27, 2008
Beer & pizza overlooking The Parliament park April 26, 2008
at Oslo. April 25, 2008
Leaving for the airport. April 24, 2008
Came to lunch to a little known place called Fenway! April 24, 2008
unlocking iPhone for Norway trip. April 24, 2008
bittersweet moment. April 23, 2008
The weather is so nice i’m suspicious April 23, 2008
Hoping that the caffeine and sugar combo in my mocha frappuccino will keep me awake the next 4 hours April 22, 2008
At Boston. April 22, 2008
leaving vegas. April 22, 2008
Jennifer Government is the most fun I’ve had with a book since down and out the magic kingdom April 22, 2008
I need an email. April 21, 2008
Today is one of those mornings … when I wake up in the afternoon April 20, 2008
Update: still no x-ray vision or flying ability. April 20, 2008
Wearing new Superman t-shirt. April 19, 2008
Loud and full April 19, 2008
Hip hop is my kryptonite. April 19, 2008
Just landed in Vegas baby April 18, 2008
7 hours ago I opened the fridge and ignored an expiration date. April 16, 2008
Can’t sleep. April 16, 2008
woke up early to reserve team room, Now I’ll do the stupid thing of going to bed for “30min” April 15, 2008
ouch. April 14, 2008
What the bloody hell?! April 13, 2008
I really hope that what just sprinted across the window as an anorexic squirrel. April 12, 2008
Babson girl kicked Harvard butt. April 12, 2008
At pitch idol session. April 12, 2008
At Harvard E-Trek conference. April 12, 2008
It’s refreshing to listen to a lawyer who is in touch with the real world (I imagine the same applies to priests) April 11, 2008
At Tech Entrepreurship Night (BU) web2. April 11, 2008
OPT work permit finally arrived. April 11, 2008
first days of Spring in Boston feel like when they take out your braces. April 11, 2008
5pm … too late for lunch. April 10, 2008
as any Cheers episode, there was drama. April 10, 2008
at Cornwalls with friends. April 10, 2008
For a moment I was actually concerned that my KEYBOARD was getting a firmware update apple. April 9, 2008
Red Sox game with my Boston Family today April 9, 2008
Wooohooo. April 9, 2008
Can’t believe Numbers doesn’t have ‘Transpose’ feature. April 8, 2008
4 planes, 3 choppers and no parking spots. April 8, 2008
Class about conjoint analysis brought back memories of 1st screwup at P&G April 7, 2008
Late night job search turned out a few gems. April 7, 2008
wired. April 6, 2008
Just bought a 1st gen nano for running. April 5, 2008
Bananaoil is my new favorite word April 3, 2008
threadless. April 1, 2008
April Fools is a good day to stay offline and contemplate … if I should be online April 1, 2008
Correction: I did finnish my resume update and design change March 31, 2008
I was going to go to bed early. March 31, 2008
was visited at 3am by a band of ruffians March 29, 2008
I really like Sprint’s latest marketing campaign. March 29, 2008
I WILL finish my homepage this weekend. March 29, 2008
kinda homesick. March 28, 2008
Looking for a good historical short stories book. March 27, 2008
kinda of pissed off today. March 25, 2008
just bought some threadless. March 25, 2008
As soon as Numbers gets pivot tables, i won’t open Excel ever again. March 24, 2008
Someday i’ll grow up and not smile every time I have to deal with a dummy variable March 23, 2008
Having fun with SPSS March 23, 2008
Getting philosifical over orange rum and dave matthews March 23, 2008
off to the Museum of Science. March 22, 2008
ABC. March 21, 2008
Damn. March 21, 2008
Spring is back, with it my Vespa. March 20, 2008
My MacBook battery life is down to about an hour. March 20, 2008
Opera Software called. March 19, 2008
Arthur C Clarke is not dead. March 18, 2008
hulu. March 18, 2008
never choose a web hosting provider with stock images of happy people on their website. March 18, 2008
Yojimbo is dead. March 18, 2008
really, really, really rather be home reading with the tv in the background March 17, 2008
Oaxaca is great. March 12, 2008
note to self: never travel again until they develop people-faxes March 8, 2008
red line to south st $3. March 8, 2008
Leaving for Oaxaca! March 8, 2008
finished packing up and then noticed my only two swim trunks on the floor. March 7, 2008
If you think the iPhone/iPod touch are cool now. March 6, 2008
live reading Apple iPhone Event March 6, 2008
Yes. March 5, 2008
Doing a SPSS exercise while listening to Sigur Rós makes you see The Matrix March 5, 2008
Either I lost my touch or Excel 2008 really sucks. March 4, 2008
Careful Hugo. March 3, 2008
rmateu. March 3, 2008
Costco, I hate that I love you. March 1, 2008
crap. February 29, 2008
Someday I’m gonna be INVITED to TED February 29, 2008
woohoo. February 27, 2008
I think I know why people become entrepreneurs: No cover letters. February 27, 2008
Oh shoot. February 26, 2008
Ok Apple. February 26, 2008
Going to bed to dream about Aluminum MacBook’s February 26, 2008
in a way I want the new MacBook Pro’s to look the same. February 25, 2008
not in a class mood at all February 25, 2008
That took waaay longer than expected. February 24, 2008
Happy Hookup day! February 14, 2008
just modded iPhone earphones by switching earpiece with JVC in-ear one. February 13, 2008
Jezzz. February 11, 2008
What a lazy bastard. February 8, 2008
Sweet. February 7, 2008
Watching ideo video to improve job application. February 7, 2008
I procrastinate … therefore I am. February 7, 2008
Updated my security: Created admin account. February 6, 2008
SuperDuper for Leopard available tomorrow. February 4, 2008
Carnivals north of the tropic of cancer suck. February 4, 2008
I hate Microsoft Word so much February 4, 2008
just returned from an unsuccessful IDEO exercise outing. February 2, 2008
Somehow the microsoft-yahoo deal makes sense to me February 1, 2008
Sat down to write a cover letter. January 31, 2008
I love Boston Legal January 30, 2008
Said it before and I’ll say it again. January 23, 2008
Inbox Zero! January 22, 2008
Macbook Air!!! January 15, 2008
1:15 to go. January 15, 2008
Dave Matthews and Tim reynolds is the perfect soundtrack for paper writing January 15, 2008
very weird dream last night. January 12, 2008
Being quiet so the meeting moves along. January 10, 2008
Firefox 3 beta 2 is veeery nice. December 19, 2007
One of the things I miss the most of Virtub is listening to smart people discuss things like Amazon’s SimpleDB December 15, 2007
Why isn’t 11 pronounced “onety-one”? December 11, 2007
Been thinking about email clients lately. December 10, 2007
best new feature in leopard. December 10, 2007
Mac&cheese. December 6, 2007
Just got my www. December 5, 2007
It is time. December 3, 2007
Holy Sh*t. December 3, 2007
reñido December 3, 2007
WE WON!!!!!!! December 3, 2007
getting together with fede and los herrera to wait for results December 2, 2007
Think positive. December 2, 2007
-4C + Open Helmet + Vespa = Botox face December 1, 2007
Broke down and bought external dvd drive. November 30, 2007
Switching to Safari November 30, 2007
effing macbook dvd drive sucks November 29, 2007
Need a haircut … need a shave … need some loving November 29, 2007
Went to comic store and bought Planete Vol. November 28, 2007
Super Mario Galaxy is the most fun I’ve had in a game since … Super Mario World 2. November 25, 2007
DAMN IT! November 24, 2007
Surprised how much my music purchasing has moved from iTunes to Amazon MP3 November 24, 2007
Helvetica (film) was beyond amazing November 24, 2007
the plan: apple store, microcenter and costco. November 23, 2007
Very nice day. November 22, 2007
Geeky Thanksgiving. November 21, 2007
I tried to prolong it. November 20, 2007
Trying not to buy the black Eee PC November 15, 2007
Don’t still Beto yet, things to do. November 13, 2007
¿Por qué no te callas? November 10, 2007
twitter hat meme is on November 8, 2007
Waiting for phone call for job interview. November 7, 2007
Moodblast updates Facebook, Twitter & Adium. November 6, 2007
I wont have lunch until I finnish this deliverable … I’m hungry November 5, 2007
making a Poster for Symposium. November 5, 2007
When is BSG Season 3 DVD coming out?! November 3, 2007
Mozilla Prism + Google Gears = Interesting November 3, 2007
Bad thing of having your desk in the bedroom: if you’re feeling sick, productivity tends to zero November 2, 2007
Listening to radiohead while writing an email makes them shorter. November 1, 2007
Can’t believe that after 3 years turned off my Newton started perfectly with a new battery. November 1, 2007
Making a halloween poster in 15minutes October 31, 2007
If Gmail2. October 31, 2007
Burrito grande or Quesadilla? October 31, 2007
Welcome to the opensocial. October 31, 2007
Thunderbird all setup. October 30, 2007
Thinking about trying Thunderbird. October 30, 2007
Finished folding laundry. October 29, 2007
Leopard running. October 27, 2007
I know it’s crazy. October 26, 2007
The web feels quiet. October 26, 2007
IMAP! October 26, 2007
Duh, Migration Assistan doesn’t let you select which Apps to Migrate. October 26, 2007
Just bought SuperDuper. October 26, 2007
Still thinking of how to upgrade. October 26, 2007
Logout on iPhone, Macbook. October 25, 2007
Google please activate my IMAP, activate my IMAP, activate my IMAP, activate my IMAP, activate my IMAP. October 24, 2007
I Just purchased a plane ticket Boston-Caracas , Caracas - San Francisco. October 24, 2007
Driving my Vespa trough traffic is like Apollo 13. October 24, 2007
Apple fixing the Dock in the Leopard GM means I’m upgrading this weekend. October 23, 2007
Never go to the first class without reading the syllabus. September 5, 2007
Google Sky is too cool. August 23, 2007
Newsletter solutions suck big time August 21, 2007
CPT, OPT, F1, H1B. August 20, 2007
iPod Touch. August 19, 2007
going out with my XTi August 18, 2007
Apple store is back online. August 16, 2007
The TV will play content from YouTube. May 30, 2007
The Palm folio is great. May 30, 2007
Nothing good every happens after 2am April 22, 2007
I have discovered that a glass of wine helps me with my writing considerably … or at least it makes me think it does April 9, 2007
Choosing fall courses. April 4, 2007
If EMI strips DRM of their library I’m buying 10 songs as soon as their available. April 2, 2007
Discussing IBM turnaround in the 90’s in class. March 29, 2007
Just installed 160GB Hitachi hard drive on my MacBook. March 27, 2007
Trying out Twitterrific 2. March 26, 2007
Currently wishing I was back home in Venezuela. March 24, 2007
MBA Council meeting, then Symposium 2008 meeting, then Interna marketing talk. March 21, 2007
Back home in Venezuela for the break. March 12, 2007
Just watched Flushed Away. March 6, 2007
Almost done. March 6, 2007
Jeez, SNL is really bad today March 4, 2007
Just bought 3 Calvin and Hobbes books at a bargain B&N sale. March 3, 2007
Somebody answered a very “special” intership email. March 2, 2007
Cold and Rainy outside. March 2, 2007
great Google search tip in DL. March 2, 2007
I just won an election! March 2, 2007
Making dinner and waiting for Lost. March 1, 2007
Folding laundry while listening to twit. February 28, 2007
Adding people to twitter list. February 28, 2007
Just got an internship offer increased. February 28, 2007
presentation turn out great! February 28, 2007
Why oh Why doesn’t the Nintendo DS support WPA? February 28, 2007
In class. February 28, 2007
Practizing for Presentation. February 28, 2007
Sent a particular internship lettet that makes warm a fuzzy. February 28, 2007
Why am I more productive at 3am in the morning?! February 28, 2007
writing an internship cover letter. February 28, 2007
Working on an Cost-Benefeit exercise. January 29, 2007
Watching adult swim January 28, 2007
Watching Battlestar Galactica 2. January 27, 2007
Intalling my news Dell 22inch Monitor … it looks great January 19, 2007
reviewing all Macworld and CES news and launches January 15, 2007
preparing breakfast January 15, 2007